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  • Firefox has done it right with the search bar. You can change your search engine via drop down menu in the search bar. The Omnibar is just a Chrome clone and I hate Chrome. It seems all the things that were so great with Opera in the past are now gone. Opera used to be my favorite browser because you could customize it to your liking now it's just another Chrome with no customization at all.

  • You can choose the search engine to use by selecting its icon at the bottom of Opera's address field auto complete drop-down (or Alt + ← or → shortcut) or by typing its keyword.

    BTW it's obviously not a clone, Chrome's omnibar is hideous.

  • That is not what I am saying. With a search box the search text stays in the search box and if you need to search with a different search engine you just use the drop down menu instead of having to type everything over. Opera is really going downhill fast. Since Opera 12 Opera has become a complete joke. Nobody cares about speed dial, stash or discover. People want a browser that is fast and customizable with lots of extensions. To me Opera is telling their fans that either use the browser the way it is or don't use it at all. People do not like to be told to do it your way or hit the highway. I can see Opera will probably lose a lot of fans and new users of Opera are just going to uninstall it and move on. Quit removing the things that made Opera my favorite browser.

  • Well you didn't explain that in the first post.

    What you can do is press Alt+Enter after you type your query so it'll load in a new tab, then you can go back to the previous tab and edit the previous search term and/or switch to another search engine.

    I know this isn't the best it could... But at the same time I don't see spending resources on adding a dedicated search box as something very worthwhile.

    To me Opera is telling their fans that either use the browser the way it is or don't use it at all.

    As every other browser vendor does.
    It's always about a choice. Some browsers have features Opera doesn't. Some browsers don't have all the features Opera has. You have to chose the one that fits you best since the WWW has been invented.

    Just a note. It doesn't make sense to post this kind of topic in beta/dev sub-forum. You should have went with the "Suggestion box", or the Windows/Mac/Linux if it was a question. I'm moving the topic.