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Opera Mini Beta Windows Phone Feedback and Suggestions

  • I don't exactly know where to write this stuff seems a little bit chaotic in the forums.

    First of all, thanks for your effort to bring the app to Windows Phone.

    While I think that every app needs its unique appearance, I also think that an app must have a look and feel that fits the system. So I would appreciate it if you make some changes to the UI so it fits the modern UI design. As for now it doesn't seem like an app for Windows Phone.

    The way a page is presented must get a lot of improvements. Pages are looking very ugly. It looks like a browse from the 90's is rendering the page.

    The Browser needs to understand HTML5, else it wouldn't have any value over other browsers, you should also support watching videos nativly in the browser and not in an extra app.

    The way Tabs are presented is also kinda messy, if you have more than 2 it's not that usable, maybe you can make it similar to IE and put the tabs on another page or popup.

    The Textboxes are very bad, please make them in a way, where we can use the autocomplete.

    I would appreciate it, if we can change the search engine, since not everyone likes or uses Google. So make Bing please an option for the search engine.
    Another thing is, that combining AddressBar and SearchBar would make things easier. Now the Searchbar is just taking space that would not be needed.

    That's the things I have to complain about so far. I know it's a beta and that not everything works or is implemented, so I hope that most stuff from my list is fixed in the final version. ^^

    But to say one positive thing: I love the speed dial, that's certianly something the IE doesn't has and which makes things easier.

  • Need normal work JS