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  • One of the things I really disklike about Chrome is that it clutters up my HDD by automatically saving everything to the Downloads folder. 90% of my downloads are a one-time thing, and I want them saved to a temporary folder which is periodically automatically cleared out (such as C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Temp for Windows, \tmp\ for Linux, and the equivalent for Macs). If I actually do want a file permanently, then 90% of the time I want it saved somewhere besides the Downloads folder. That leaves 1% of the time in my usage scenario when the default behavior works for me.

    It's one of the killer features I like about Internet Explorer (gasp!). Everyone has their niggling annoyances, and this is mine. Opera 12.xx let us do what we wanted, and when y'all developers have time, I would really appreciate this feature. Good job on getting bookmarks a big part of the way there, though!

  • i have never liked the download manager of opera should support background download.
    btw....some comments here are too lenghty.summarise them.we dont need any president's speech here.

  • +1
    I also want an option to run/open a file automatically after finished download.

  • I'm assuming the OP is suggesting a dialogue box when you click a download asking "Run" "Save" "Save As" or "Cancel"
    I'd like to see this as I almost always have to right click then "Save linked content as..."
    Many times I will accidentally click it and it goes straight to my downloads folder, causing me to have to do more file organization
    If the downloads tab ... thing in the top right corner could remove the download instead of just pausing it, that would be great as well, instead of having to pause the download, open the "show more" downloads tab, THEN remove the download.
    Either a dialogue box as suggested, or a remove this download button in the downloads drop down menu in the top right corner.
    Please please PLEASE
    I've used Opera for years, and this is the first suggestion I've ever had.

  • @leocg:> ...

    Files will be downloade anyway, at least we will know where they are. 🙂
    You know, before an opened file could be on a unknow temp folder depending on the settings and stay there for months. Now you will know where the files is.

    This was already ruled out.

    When a user needs something only to look at it once and forget - see above the suggestions about automatic/scheduled temp-folder clearing.
    If - in a rare case - one should need to find the temp folder, it needs to be only done once - and, apart from a couple of easy ways already in place, the browser might get to provide that location even more explicitly - in case Leo will worry*:D*

  • @gustavwiz
    There are two problems with an open button. First, lets say a normal user just want to download an important file. The open option sounds good, so the user use it to view the file. And then, a bit later, the user want to find the file again, but then it turns out that it's been removed.
    Secondly, as leocg said, if the user knows what the function of the open button is (ie. that the file will be removed later automatically), and counts on that, what if the file isn't removed and slows down and fills up the computer in a temp folder? Windows is known for that.

    It's been already covered by my suggestions in this comment.
    Let us suggest even an option to schedule clearing files in that temp folder by type<sup>!</sup>:idea:
    What do you say? Why not to just reimplement but improve? :cheers:

  • The basic issue of choice is readily sidestepped as usual. Opera should function as default "only" by choice.Thus i would say i came to forum to ask how Opera can be taken out of download tasks? Tanjs.

  • Why is it so big deal? So you "open" one-use file. You will use it only once. Regelar users also dont know where is default download folder so what the hell are you trying on us?

    Lots of software using temp folders... you just making issue about something that is not an issue and no one care about.

  • This thread is dead? No one want download dialog with run, save,save as, cancel buttons?

  • When the old download dialog appear in new Opera I will be Opera user again. I'm switched to Vivaldi, what use the Chromium engine as new Opera and HAS the download dialog!
    I can't understand who found out this stupid behaviour? The download folder is a Temp folder now what never auto-empty 💣 In old Opera if I clicked Open/Run, the file downloaded to a real temporary folder and deleted when closed Opera. If I wanted to keep the downloaded file I selected "Save as" and just double click on it in the download manager when finished.