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Discussion on the User Interface on WP

  • In regards to Opera Mini for Windows Phone:

    Ok, so at present we have plenty of threads and posts about the crashing and inability to get the app to work on many phones. I figured I would take this time to start a discussion on something else to break things up a bit, which seems almost as important to some users.

    The Graphical User Interface, GUI, Interface, Menu, whatever you want to call it.

    For those who have actually been able to get the app to work enough to use it for a bit, there seems to be a lot of people who don't like that the menu and layout "Doesn't Conform to Windows" in regards to its look. Some say it looks "Dated" and "Android'ish" and these same people are wanting the App to look more like the Windows Phone OS / IE for uniformity-sake.

    Then there are a few users who actually like the different design. They feel that the look separates the App from all the other cookie-cutter clone Web Browser Apps out there for Windows Phone & adds some visual variety.

    I personally like the current design. I'm not an Android or iOS fan in the slightest and find those OS's bloated, over-complicated (while also being over-simplified) and just doesn't fit with me very well..... but I do like the Opera Mini's appearance.

    It's a nice change in my opinion, and if I wanted something that looked and operated the same way as Internet Explorer, I'd either stick with Internet Explorer, or I'd try one of the many other Browser Apps out there that seem to just be a re-skinned IE with menus moved around a bit here and there.

    The only two Web Browsers for WP that I have used that worked decently and operated slightly different from IE is SurfCube 3D Browser and UC Browser. While SurfCube has some different visual features going for it, it seems to be very much the same as IE.

    And UC Browser has a completely different layout, look, feel and operation to it from any other browser app I've used for WP.

    I'm just curious as to where this "Rule" came from that Apps for Windows Phone should/must conform to the "Metro" style look.

    Now don't get me wrong.... people like what they like and they hate what they hate. To each their own. I'm not posting this thread to start an argument over "It should be this way / that way!" in a Black & White mentality.

    What I think should happen is that the Opera Mini App should have the option between the current designed interface and another option to have the icons and menus switch to the two-tone WP icons. Have this option in the settings, switch between whatever you personally prefer and then restart the app for the changes to take effect.

    Is this a better idea?

    Do you prefer one look over the other?

    Do you have a better / alternative solution??

  • Yes UI must be improved :
    (1) The thick top and bottom bar must be made slim/thin.
    (2) The default navi bars in windows phone 8.1 is always on screen and there is no option so that we can hide it when not in use and THE THICK BARS OF OPERA MINI MAKES THE SCREEN TOO SMALL I.E. 3 INCHES OUT OF 4.5 INCHES IN LUMIA 630.
    (3) Smooth scrolling is also laggy and HITCHES.

  • I did notice in the settings that there was a full screen option.

    I finally got the app working after the latest update and was going to try it just now, but it's gone back to crashing again. 😕

  • As I could still get to the Tab screen, I just quickly showed the app to my wife, who used to only like Android & had a couple of Galaxy phones. She now has a Lumia 1320 and loves it.

    Her opinion was that it didn't look anything like Android and had it's own appearance. She is interested in the app but disappointed about the crashing I am having.