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Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone - ready for testing

  • Why I can't watch YouTube videos in Opera ?

  • Hi, things works much better in the 0.2 version! Now things works (what I've tried so far) pretty well, except for that app began crashing when loading a page. When I deleted history and cookies things began working again.

    Wishes for interface: I love the full screen modus! But the arrow in down-left corner is very big. What if it is replaced by just a edge movement from the bottom? Or, if not; just three tiny dots in a small field instead of the arrow? (I prefer the first alternative)

    Lumia 520, beta, Cyan 8.10.12393.890

  • Hi . Opera mini software not

    connect for Iran please ، To correct this problem for Iran

  • House can i set opera mini as default browser?

  • Thank you so much for the performance update this morning the apps works perfectly so far so good. In the next updat please try to make the browser close just by hitting the back button please.

  • Hey guys. I love Opera and have used it on my desktop extensively in the past even though I have not really ever used my account or Opera Link. I love the browser and love the company. Now, before I get into the beta I just want to thank you guys for thinking of us Windows Phone peeps. I know we are a small community compared to those of Android or iOS, but we are just as dedicated if not more so. So, yes, thank you for developing an app for WP. You guys are awesome.

    I am currently using a Lumia 635. I am on WP8.1 Update 1 using the Developer Preview program. I am also on Nokia's Lumia Cyan firmware. I don't know if it is a memory issue or not, but when I first downloaded the app it was functional. Web pages would load, albeit slowly. However, later it got to where certain pages loading would crash the apps, and then later the app wouldn't load any pages. I just downloaded the update released today and am having the same problem. Other than that, here's some feedback from when the app was actually working.

    1. It seems like most (not all) sites want to load into their 'desktop' modes, which for some sites is fine and even preferred. But on my Lumia 635's 4.5" screen, it is no bueno for most sites. I cannot for the life of me find a setting with which to toggle between mobile and desktop site modes.

    2. While there should be a more intuitive way to add search engines like Bing than the method currently in play, there is a slight bug associated with choosing a search engine in landscape mode. On a small screen like mine, landscape mode is a must when viewing some websites. However, when I am in landscape mode I cannot choose a different search engine. When I click the arrow to change, the UI shows only the search engine currently selected and I cannot scroll up or down and select another. Not a huge issue just a rather minor annoyance.

    I am sure there are more bugs and kinks to work out but so far I am very impressed. The layout is genuinely intuitive. Every function is easy to find and just a few taps away (no settings are buried two or three menus deep). Great stuff.

  • Please remove this crap from WP Store , is not Beta , is pre pre pre beta .

  • It was a bit stable from last update but I read in a forum that it would work better if I uninstall and re-install the app rather than just updating. So I uninstalled it but I couldn't find it in store from my phone. I had to scan a QR code from a article of to find it and I installed it. But now it just keep crashing. It just crash after few seconds I launch it!

  • Version

    • When I go to the Abpoout Opera section, it says I have the version 7.6.8

    • Suggestion: Add Bing as search engine. Personally, I preffer it and I know there are people that uses Bing instead of Google. having options would be nice (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

    • Could not open this site on my phone: the browser took me to the "choose country" page all the time and no matter which country I selected, I always ended in the "Select country"page. The page is in spanish. Try it yourselves maybe you can replicate the behaviour and error.

    • When I go to and type a search criteria. I press the ENTER key and nothing happens. I am forced to tap the little magnifier.

    • Also, when I tap the search box in Bing, a textbox pops up. I mean, I suppose it should show me the textbox all the time or just make it borderless. Kinda like in UC Browser. Sorry I mentioned a competitor's product but I just wanted to use it as point of refference.

    Those are my observations so far. I hope this helps 🙂

  • After updating on 11th sep 2014 update The CRASHING or EXITING Problems Is STILL THERE :
    (1) CRASHING/EXITS atomatically but crashing problem has been minimized in comparison to 10 sep update.
    (2) Connection problem is still there i.e. Always says " oops Failed to parse client request. Transcoder: a20-10-06 Client: Opera Mini/7.6.8/hifi/elm".
    (4) The top search & url and bottom navigation bars r more then enough THICK and the BUTTONS r more then enough BIG.Making screen size small in lumia 630 WP 8.1 where we cant hide our phone navigation bar.

    opera mini i love U.
    Simply WOW,Thanks To Opera software And Microsoft.

  • Hello. Been using the latest update to Opera for Windows Phone. I've had a problem with loading some sites. My main issue is when loading

    the menu for this site (menu from the burger button) is always loaded

    here is a screenshot to show you what I mean.

    it makes the site unusable. I don't know if this happens on any other sites but I know that in the UK, gumtree is massive for classified ads, much like craigslist in the US.

    For me this is one of the few websites I visit on my mobile broswer

  • crashing has started again !

  • It's not opening after the second update on Lumia 630.

  • the page does not display correctly. The browser seems very slow in loading pages. I cannot find a way to force the non mobile version of a site to load.

  • lumia 920 - cyan
    crashing fixed...

    the integrated bug reporting isn't working

    "Opera Mini bug report wizard
    An error occurred while processing your bug report"

    it would be nice to know if there's a separate place to report bad rendering of certain webpages.. or do you want all of the bugs in here.. if so:

    • all pictures rendered from top left corner in a single row and a single column.. stacked over other objects, buttons and textboxes..

    desktop page renders better in this case

  • Nokia Lumia 925
    Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1
    OS Version 8.10.14157.200

    after using the latest update (Version 7.6.8) the Opera Mini beta is no more forced close, and the start up is really fast.
    really appreciate the efforts from the developers to deliver such great apps on Windows phone.

    (this comment is written using Opera Mini beta in My Lumia :))

  • Updated today but still crashing while loading websites.if I clear history then it works good for just 3--4 minutes after that it starts crashing again.
    M using Windows phone 8.1 with cyan , Lumia 520

  • Some websites aren't fully loading , eg: Phonearena has lots of pictures missing , wpcentral is barely loading the menu

    Arabic text is being displayed in reverse (per word) , with detached letters .

    Please fix poor html5 compatibility , browser getting 53/550

  • Its me again, was fine after it updated to 02...but hours later...when it try to open a web, it force to close. Thats it for now...still eager to wait for another fix.

  • Why opera poking us we do not need this kind of opera ....can not install .....every time hangs ....after update also

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