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  • first off, I'd like to state, I'm not trying to advertize or promote or anything.

    Comodo has quite a decent batch of high security software, including their own (safer) browsers.
    right now, I believe Comodo has the safest browsers on the net 🙂

    the suggestion I have is the let them make a build of your safer and more stable Presto engine.
    (IMHO, switching to the unsafe chromium engine was a relatively stupid idea)
    ^ I don't believe google knows what "safe" even means

    fact: site surfing with a few google searches on google chrome killed my compy in 6 weeks.
    (I will never let chrome live that down)

    here's my browser rating in terms of safety (from what I've used)

    IceDragon is Comodo's build of FF(gecko), though soon to see an FF3 update
    Dragon is Comodo's build of Chrome, which they seem to put a crap-ton more effort into building.

    I'd love to see them work on a build of your Presto engine to make it even safer 🙂
    (I hate the Chrome engine as I don't have the RAM to use it w/o a BSoD)
    ^chrome is inefficient.

    I love your Presto engine as it offers the low RAM usage (lower than FF),
    but also provides most of the conveniences of Chrome...
    not to mention it's the safest popular browser 😉

    so again, I suggest you let Comodo make a safer build of your presto engine 🙂
    (integrating their malware protection and their secure DNS with your browser)

    Why I suggest:
    I'm sick of my computer getting killed because of an unsafe browser.
    I have CAV and CFW with Avast, but that's hardly enough to protect me. (any smart person would know this)

    so I'm suggesting because I want the safest browser possible that could ever be made. 😉
    (I want to remain anonymous while trackers can't have any links to me, I don't want to share my location with anyone, and I want every JS or Flash script considered harmful to be terminated, as well as any website considered harmful to automatically be blocked with the option to continue if needed)
    ^my site host "000webhost" gets blocked by Comodo's DNS as it's known for phishing, (I have a free account, so I can continue to use it)

    I think you and Comodo should get together and have a baby. XDD

  • btw, before a hint of confusion about my browser listings,
    IE8 and IE9, that goes saying you've disabled unsecure ActiveX

    IE (any version) (with ActiveX is almost as unsafe as Chrome)