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12.15 forces Google as search engine

  • hopefully so 🙂
    (although I'd prefer it to be a bit warmer)

  • Originally posted by leushino:

    What a load of rubbish. You have had a free ride for years (as have I). The company has not charged you to use its suite has it? Opera has always been a niche player in the desktop division and frankly it needed to change in order to survive. It's a BUSINESS not a charity. They have to make money. Shareholders have invested and they expect returns. Do you understand that? Conscience indeed! If you don't like the new Opera, use a former version. If you are concerned about security issues (and you shouldn't be just yet) then use another browser. But don't post such rubbish as you have above. Frankly, I'm ashamed of you.

    I'd have to disagree. I can completely support Opera as a business but it is disrespecting its users right now. If Opera disabled adding custom searches, fine. If Opera did not allow a default search engine switch outside of per-installed, fine. If Opera did not allow the deletion of Scroogle, fine. But this is pure ignorance. Don't waste people's time. Either admit it's a screw up and a bug or say this is permanent.

  • 20July2013

    This (imo) is a(nother) problem that Opera should stop ignoring and fix.
    I want MetaCrawler as my default search engine everwhere in Opera and
    think it reflects poorly on Opera and does Opera no good for Opera to not "fix" this ...

  • I came, I saw, I left.
    I'm going back to Firefox. I don't like Chrome because it's Google, and I don't like Google. I wasn't aware that Opera wants to become Chrome-ette. I get being Chrome-esque, as in functioning like Chrome, but to become a duplicate copy with a different name is disingenuous, at best.
    I find that once I try to customize Opera, it becomes an arduous task and the browser becomes bogged down. Maybe that's part of the learning curve, but I feel that I shouldn't have to be a software engineer just to set up a start page. Also, there is no sure fire way to set a different search engine. Like I said, I don't like Google.
    I get that Opera is a business, and businesses are in business to make money. I'm all for making money, however, If you don't have happy customers, just how does a business thrive and make money?

  • Im fix this problem... downgrade Opera to 12.14 version 🙂 Works 100% fine, for default search engine and no more fu... problem with shi.. new Opera after 12.14 (include 15.xx). Good Opera is end on 12.14, rest is a trash sponsoring from google.
    Opera 12.14 (x32 or x64) downloaded from

  • This disgusts me, a user since ... '99? The browser is to do what I WANT, not what corporate wants, and I want startpage*. Looks like 12.14 is the end of the line, folks. Replaced by Chrome anyway.

    * (and my own search engine for http://%s that replaces the old "type a word to go to that domain" functionality)

    It's best to get Opera from the source though, rather than another file site:

    Navigate to win/mac/linux, 1214, "en" or "int" if necessary, and get the proper installer for your system (32 bit or 64 bit).

    MAC32: or
    LINUX: slash

    We'll see how long these links stay alive. Good luck.

  • Originally posted by JTT:

    We'll see how long these links stay alive.

    Why post them at all?

    Users can download Opera 12.14 or other versions from the FTP Server.

  • I have the same problem... I can't change the default search engine

  • Originally posted by scdylr:

    I have the same problem... I can't change the default search engine

    That's no surprise. Read the first post.

    If you want to change the default search engine, use an earlier version.

  • $ perl -i -pe 's/7A8CADE6677811DDBA4B5E9D55D89593/7A8CADE6677811DDBA4B5E9D55D89594/g' /usr/lib64/opera/opera

  • I as going to raise my own thread on this subject; clearly years too late!

    Just to add my own discontent with this Google intrusion, most alarmingly for the address-bar suggestions. Does this mean that every time you see a Google-tagged one, that Opera has already pushed the partial address to Google? That unbeknown to me, despite all my efforts to NOT use Google, I am being tracked by them?

    Like others, I am seriously toying with abandoning Opera after using it loyally since the earliest days of Linux, when it was their standard browser, always included (how I discovered it); but not any more since Firefox. It is always my first addition to any installed system. I respect Opera & its long-term loyalty to Linux. I recognise with pride that many innovations now standard among browsers came from Opera. It is the fact of it being also my e-mail client that really holds me.

    Mention of Bing is no better. That is being tracked by Microsoft instead, whose servers were the first to be infiltrated by the NAS. I doubt that Yahoo is any better.

    Despite the outrage expressed or evidence presented to the contrary - I have never seen so much mud-slinging in a forum - it is *inevitable* that users will suspect a Google subsidy of Opera due to this. Whether true or not.

    I am curious that Opera themselves have not responded to the thread; that it is up to users themselves to resolve the issue. Thanks to those who have; but hunderteins frig warrants an explanation, please.

  • Found a resolution that works for making ixquick the search engine for Opera without Google being set as the default after a restart.1. Type "opera:config" in the url window2. Type "google" in the quick find search3. Enter "" in the field for "Google2011 Location Provider" under "Geolocation"4. Enter "" in the field for "Google TLD Default" under "User Prefs"5. Enter "" in the field for "Google TLD URL" under ""User Prefs"6. Click Save 7. Type "" in the url window8. In the search window to the right of the url window, where Google appears, click on the downward arrow to reveal "Manage Search Engines" and select by clicking that selection9. Highlight Google and delete10. If ixquick is not shown, click "Add...' otherwise highlight ixquick and the Edit11. Make sure Ixquick is in the field for the name12 Make sure "ix" is the keyword13. Click the Details button14. Enter "" in the field for "Address"'15. Enter """ for the "Query string"16. Click the box before "Use POST" so a checkmark appears17. Click the box before "Use as default search engine"18. Click the box before "Use as Speed Dial search engine19. Click the "OK" button20 Make sure there is not a check in the box before "Enable search suggestions in the address field"21. Click the "OK" button22. Reboot OperaIf the above instructions are followed and there are no spelling errors (I use copy and paste or control C and control V as much as possible since I still use the hunt and peck method at 56 years of age), when Opera reboots, Ixquick will be the default search engine and Google will NOT appear in the list of search engines for the browser.I am strong-headed and when I find something that works, and works well, I like to continue using it. Have been frustrated like many Opera users with some changes over the years but for many many reasons, it is still my browser of choice, especially since it can actually be customized unlike many browsers, and can perform many operation unavaible with other browsers.Although I am strong-headed, I am not reluctant to admit when I make a mistake. The mistake I made was not visiting the forum before allowing the update to Opera to occur. Had I done so, a lot of frustration could have been avoided. I appoligize to any volunteer and developer I may have upset.

    I have tried this "solution" and IT DOES NOT WORK. I have now rebooted several times. It continues to revert to Google. I even tried editing the google search settings to tell it to go to Nothing works. Someone has got to have a better work-around - maybe it's in an actual file? I am not afraid to go into a file on the disk and modify it if someone can tell me where to go and what to change.

    Sincerely, someone who is tired of resetting her search engine preference every single time she opens a new Opera session.

  • Just found an interesting work-around!

    (1) Click the menu button and go to "Appearance", then click "Buttons", then click "Search". Drag-and-drop Startpage onto the top toolbar AS ITS OWN SEARCHBAR.

    (2) Remove the default searchbar from the toolbar altogether.

    (3) Close Opera.

    (4) Go to search.ini and simply delete the entire paragraph pertaining to Google:
    [Search Engine 1]
    Suggest Protocol=JSON
    Suggest URL={SearchTerm}&client={Client}&hl=en
    Is post=0
    Has endseparator=0
    Search Type=0

    (5) Restart Opera. Address bar will not work for searches. Now simply use the Startpage searchbar you created before!

  • Stepansas excellent post !
    I will now unfortunately, for the first time ever, revert opera version from 12.17 to 12.14.
    I hope all my settings will be kept, crossing fingers… 😕

  • I checked my home PC which also runs Opera 12.17 now (on windows XP), it never removes my default search.
    The differences between my home PC (never resets to google) and my office PC (often resets to google, but not always), that I can think of follow.

    They are both Opera 12.17 but one is OK (home PC keeps my default search settings which is not one of the opera defaults : duckduckgo) and one is NG (company PC often resets to google) :

    • OK is a pre-12.15 install (version 9 or something updated little by little up to 12.17) whereas NG is a post-12.15 install updated to 12.17
    • OK runs on windows XP whereas NG runs on windows seven
    • OK did use opera link for a while (affects search.ini) but NG never did (because company firewall had always blocked my attempts to do so)
    • Together with the previous point, maybe there is another difference in the search.ini and I will compare OK’s and NG’s to find out later…

    I research whether it is possible to find a reproducible way to obtain my OK home PC, that is Opera 12.17 with a default search.

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