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Tab Snoozing happens even with setting disabled

  • Well, you lot at opera have done it again.

    I had previously posted about the Flash Player popup message (let us turn off that flash announcement popup) which finally sorted itself out when Opera updated to 74.0.3911.75.
    But now, tabs are being snoozed regardless of whether the option is turned on or off in settings. So well done, you have replaced an annoying problem with a bloody annoying problem.

    Sort your act out.

    By the way there is another post mentioning this and they are running Opera 75.0.3939.0 developer update, so this problem must have been around for some time.

  • I found an extension suggested by burnout426, Disable automatic tab discarding:
    I have installed it and is working fine, tabs are not being snoozed any more. I will test it further and report back if it stops working or any problems arise.

  • Hello, i have 2 problems that are irritating me.

    1. Snoozing was im guessing a new feature? Yeah it got annoying very fast so i clicked to disable it as soon as i can... however soon i find another tab snoozing and it once again asks me if i want to disable it... despite it being disabled already!

    2. Whenever i write something in adress bar to go to google, it keeps blanking out and not doing anything after first click of 'enter'. After i write it again, then it works fine but im baffled on what is going on. Pls halp.

  • Those of us who have no need for tab snoozing need a way to permanently disable it. The advanced setting "Snooze inactive tabs to save memory" does not work.

  • @gizmogadget I agree. I keep selecting 'disable tab snoozing' and Opera still snoozes tabs. It's affecting my work so I've had (reluctantly) to switch to another browser.

  • @wickedaunt Try the extension, have had no problems with it, it just sits there doing its thing with no settings to worry about.

  • opera is never going to allow us to disable tab snoozing. the whole point of snoozing background tabs is to force us to watch ads on youtube (the most commonly used site in the background). the "save memory" excuse is just a farce to cover up the real motivation.

    i honestly expect the "disable tab snoozing" setting will simply disappear in a future update. it's probably only still there so that google can test to make sure that ad-revenue sites never snooze.

  • @ctj I use uBlock Origin, do not get any YouTube adverts at all.

  • @gizmogadget Thanks for the tip, GG, but I regret to report that I have had two unwanted "snoozes" after installing the extension you linked to. It has cut down the frequency, but has not solved this entirely- at least for me. How has it been working for you?

  • @bigskytroutbum And why has Opera support been unable or unwilling to address this? I'm not an engineer or even a coder, but getting a "disable" button to actually disable an extension seems like a pretty easy fix to me.

  • @bigskytroutbum Can you let me know which websites snoozed and I will try them on mine (I am not on Facebook or any other 'social' media shites)

    I have 'Snooze inactive tabs to save memory' turned Off
    Also 'Delay loading of background tabs' is turned Off
    The only other setting I think may affect it is Workspaces, which is turned Off as I have never used it

  • @gizmogadget One of them was Yahoo News ( earlier tonight, which was what prompted me to post. I'm sorry, but I don't clearly remember what the other one was, but it was almost certainly one of these which I keep open continuously:

    And, now that I'm concentrating on it, I remember it happening on this very forum page (How's that for irony?), but I can't remember whether that was before or after I installed your extension.

    Hope it helps; please let me know.

  • @bigskytroutbum I have just opened those tabs, will leave them there to see if they snooze.
    Another possibility on why they snoozed is that the extension marks NEW tabs as not to be snoozed, it won't work on tabs that were already open, so you would need to reload opera and all your tabs, or reload the just important ones.

    I got this info from the reviews of the extension: "if you read the extension source code, you'll see it tells Chrome to mark every opened tab as not auto-discardable."

  • @gizmogadget OK, that "new tab/open tab" distinction may very well be dispositive. I go a week or more at a time without powering down or closing the browser. I'll power down tonight and see what happens.

    Again, why does Opera leave it to the users to solve this? I originally reported this on the blog page that announced the new feature (
    It would appear that Kornelia doesn't bother to read the comments on any of her blog posts. No one from Opera appears to be reading this forum either.

  • @bigskytroutbum I think they use the blog page for nothing more than announcements - that's if you actually get a post when they release an update, I check every time to see what is new or fixed.
    I just clicked on all of those tabs, none were frozen and didn't refresh, they were still loaded and running OK.

  • @gizmogadget Well, for what it's worth. I recall the snoozes to have happened rather randomly in terms of time, i.e., sometimes after a few hours, sometimes sooner, etc. I'm leaning more toward your "new tab" theory, however, and will test that out forthwith by restarting my system and browser. I hope I haven't wasted a lot of your time with a false alarm as to your extension workaround.

  • @gizmogadget I just restarted the browser and opened each of my usual tabs, which now qualifies them as "New" tabs, right? I'll leave them running overnight and see in the morning whether the Snooze Fairy has paid me a visit. Just realized that I neglected to include in that list of tabs that I keep open continuously. Signing off for tonight; will report in the morning.

    Cheers, as you Brits say.

  • @bigskytroutbum You haven't wasted my time at all. I like digging into computer problems, and although I'm not a coder as such I have been around computers since the 80's and have picked up lots of useful tips and utilities, I still enjoy finding a fix for a problem.

  • @gizmogadget Well, your "new" tabs theory is looking pretty good, GG. As per the above post, I restarted Opera, opened my eight favorite tabs, left them running all night and, some ten hours later, none of them has snoozed. Your workaround extension seems to be getting the job done. I'll check back in if that changes. Thanks again for your time and help.

  • @bigskytroutbum Thanks for your reply, just got back home. Glad it appears to be working so far.