Opera Mini 3.2 can't remember password?

  • I have installed Opera Mini 3.2 (low memory ver.) on my Nokia 2626 for more 3 years, and it worked smoothly until 3 days ago!
    Opera Mini 3.2 can't remember any-my-password. I typed password, clicked Ok, reloaded, and "please type your password". What's happening????????

    What can I do now? Please help me ;___;

    P.s: I can't instal Opera Mini 4.5 on my phone = = when I use 4.5, it always show error mess = =

  • on what site more exactly?

  • In the past, my Opera Mini can't remember any password (facebook, gmail, yahoo mail, wordpress...). And now, Opera Mini 3.2 just can't remember Wordpress' password (though all the posts have the same password)

    = = what can I do now??????

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