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Add Ecosia to the list of pre-defined search engines

  • hi
    wouldnt it be good with the option to add to the standard search engines of Opera? 🙂

  • This post is deleted!
  • Hello!
    I would like to suggest adding Ecosia to the default search engines list on Opera Touch (if it's even physically possible ofc).

    Why? Because there are so many different search engines to pick from already, but this one is very special - people behind it help the Earth by planting trees, that are bought for money from search ads.

    With the current deforestation problem we face as a planet, and how this search engine tackles it - I think it needs a far better recognition. And the people who want to use or already using Ecosia deserve the possibility of choosing it from the list.

    Thank you to anyone who read this 👋

  • Would love to see this. And it's not like it's hard to add.
    I'm going to go the Tampermonkey route so I can use the search engine I want.

  • I have been waiting for this to come for a year already. I haven't really found a smart way of using Ecosia without going to its website first.
    The whole idea of using Ecosia is to produce less carbon emission (by using renewable energy sources) and to use the money to help forests. If I have to first type/search for Ecosia (an extra search/energy consumption), it loses partly its purpose.

  • @elashar Get the ecosia search page up...Long press in the searchbox... you should see the option to add it.


  • @53-north

    I can only add it to speed dial. I have added the ecosia to search by editing search engines, however, I can't change it to default.

  • Please make it possible to set as default search engine. (I can add it as additional search engine, but then can't set as default anyway, so what's the point?) I urge you to include as one of the "default" search engines that can be chosen as default. It plants a tree for every 45 searches, plus they are 200% energy self-sufficient - their whole operation eliminates 200% of the carbon it creates - -100% carbon footprint!