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  • I would appreciate if Opera included these modifications. They should be minor UI things, easy to implement, I hope.

    1. Two separate keys for closing a tab: "Close tab and switch to the next tab" (this is how Opera is working now) and "Close tab and switch to the previous tab" (or at least actions for the Keybinding preference). For different situations different closing scheme is useful, and I need the separate keys to be able to remap them to keys I like to use. (Customizable keyboard shortcuts would be nice, but I can do without them thanks to e.g. AutoHotKey).

    2. Ctrl+Shift on image to save it.

    3. The ability to remember a password before submitting a form (e.g. via right mouse button). The current behavior is logical, it makes sense to wait until it is proven that a password is correct, but it poorly adapts to situations when e.g. cookies are disabled (I enter a password, login, get a "wrong password" simply because a cookie is not set, have to refresh the page and enter the password again). The most frustrating problem is, on some pages Opera does not detect that a password was submitted and "remember password" never shows. If I could save the password first and actually submit the form later, it would solve this problem nicely.

    4. The ability to remember a certificate as "trusted" for a particular page.

    5. A proxy server control separate from the system one. The system settings can be a default fallback value (i.e. the Opera's proxy server settings would contain a "Use the system settings" checkbox, checked by default), but a separate control would be very useful. Particularly so if I could provide different proxy servers for different proxy pages.

    Note that extensions do not solve these issues, unless I have javascript enabled for webpages, which I don't and won't for security reasons.


  • Oh, yes;

    1. Open a new tab on double-click/middle-button-click on the empty are in the tab bar.
  • +1 for 4) and 6)...

  • Two more:

    • Clone tab with middle mouse button on refresh button on toolbar
    • While you click with right mouse button on selected text which has an url, there is a menu "Go to web address", I'd like to have the possibility to open that url in a new tab with middle mouse button. Chrome opens in new tab by default.

    I use it a lot in chrome and Firefox.

  • You can do that with middle mouse button, I do it a lot.

  • You can do that with middle mouse button, I do it a lot.

    No you can't, at least with Opera 25.0 dev. Clicking MMB on Refresh refreshes the tab normally like with LMB. MMB on "Search with" menu items does nothing.

  • Only Ctrl+LMB on Search menu opens a new tab with search results, but I'd like to have MMB like in Chrome.