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  • Am I the only person frustrated at the loss of what made Opera special?
    What I loved about Opera was the ability to have tabs at the side on a widescreen computer - so making best use of the space on the screen. It was the only browser that really let you make the most of widescreen.
    Also loved the ability to group tabs - especially valuable when pulling together lots of products or pages for comparison. Stash may be some use for this, but doesn't seem to allow for several different groups - only the one.
    Finally I had masses of saved bookmarks - I imported them all to the toolbar and it looks ridiculous and is difficult to use and I can't hide them (wasting valuable vertical space). In the old version they opened at the side and you could click on different ones in turn without them closing/disappearing, now they open over what you are looking at and close when you click on a choice, so you are repeatedly opening them. Then I tried importing them as speed dial items - mega mistake as this is really unusable for bookmarks.
    These are three of the things that set Opera apart from the crowd and were the main reason I liked it - the ability to set-up the layout to personal choices was brilliant.
    Now it looks and behaves just like all the others, which is really disappointing. Also lost a whole raft of stuff I was looking into when it upgraded.
    Has anyone found a way around this - without going back to the older version? I've looked into add-ons, but there don't seem to be any suitable ones. I really loved Opera, but now it has nothing that Google Chrome doesn't do (and Google has bookmarks that don't take up permanent screen space!!!) and despite some good new ideas has become much less user friendly. I'll give it a try for a while, but suspect I will be making a really sad goodbye soon.

  • Well... from the fact that you've made a total of one post, you may be the only guy who has not educated himself on what Opera is doing. It is always helpful to first read what others are saying and bring yourself up to speed before posting what appears to be simply a retelling of what we have heard about a thousand times over now. I'm not even going to address your complaints since there are dozens of threads that give both work arounds as well as express similar attitudes. Indeed... it may be a sad good-bye for you but many others are loving the new browser. What I would advise is to keep a copy of both the older, discontinued Presto browser alongside the newer browser so that you can see for yourself what improvements it makes over time. If that doesn't float your boat then yes... you'll probably be much happier somewhere else.

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