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right click "search in new (background) tab"

  • This is a feature that I really enjoyed in Vivaldi and that I would like to have available here as well. I don't really now how many people out there share this necessity, but it is not that uncommon for me to need to search for multiple items in that are listed as text.

    Let me give you a hypothetical example:
    -Whenever I search a forum for "the best books about X", numerous people will usually reply to my question, correct? And most of the time people won't provide a link to the book they are suggestion, they will simply write it down as text and that's it.

    What happens then is that I have to highlight each individual suggestion > right click > search and each time I press "search", Opera brings me to the new tab it just created. But thing is that (and I don't know about you guys) when I'm searching for something like this I tend to first open all the listed "book suggestions" in new tabs, and only after that I go to each one (tab) individually to sort / check them out.

    So it becomes a really annoying process of "highlight item 1 > right click > search > (redirected to new tab) > click back on the tab with the list > highlight item 2 > ...". You see, this whole process could be 2 steps shorter for each loop/cycle if we had the option to "search in background tab" available to us.

    Anyway, this has been bugging me for a while so I finally decided to create and account and share it here with you guys.


  • @ldosul -- I concur.

    This is an option in Firefox, one I often use. It's very convenient to search numerous items from an article, then browse the results later.

    Seems it should be simple to implement Perhaps as an extension.