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GX bookmark menus are not delineated

  • Dear Devs. . . . .

    I love Opera 💌 . . . No, I mean it. I really love opera! 😍

    The funny thing is, I love Opera GX EVEN more, if such a thing is possible❗ However, I don't love the bookmark menus which pop-down from the menu bar. In Opera there's a fine line around the pop-down menus. This enables you to see what's what, and find the sub-menu you're looking for. In GX that line has gone ☁ and it's doing my head in! 🐛

    Why-oh-why, gentle GX Devs, has the delineating line around the pop-down menus evaporated away? ☁

    When you open a nested sub-menu . . . i.e a child-menu 🧒 or a grandchild-menu 🧒🏻 or a great-grandchild-menu 🧒🏿 those offspring menus are now lying on top of their parent menus. Without a delineating line around them it's almost impossible to find the sub-menus you're looking for. They all merge into one another and you can't tell what the 🦆 🦆 🦆 you're looking at!

    Quack quack . . . bang! 💣

    I make heavy use of the pop-down bookmark menus, but it's becoming almost impossible to use them in GX because of the lack of delineation 🍌

    Dear Devs . . . . you're doing a wonderful job 🔧 truly wonderful 🔧 but please delineate your menus. Thank you! 😇

    🦆 It's not over until the fat lady sings 🦆