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General selection (more than one) of sites on the "Express panel"

  • Foreword:
    I am an Opera GX user from Russia and i am writing this sentence with the help of a google translator, so I apologize in advance if there is something incomprehensible in my "message".

    Not necessary to read, just a small compliment to the browser:
    Hello everybody. I really like this browser. Before that, i used Yandex and i liked it, but when i switched to this, i immediately changed my default browser. Switching back to Yandex is the same as 4K at 1080p or from a powerful PC to a weak one. Therefore, i want to contribute to this browser.

    P. S. It might be a small idea to change or help the browser. But as they say: "A trifle, but nice." So here's what I suggest.

    Explanation for the suggestion: You know that sometimes tips on the express panel pop up or we insert some sites into the main (express panel) ourselves. But sometimes, when we want to remove some, most, or all of the "tabs" from the panel, we have to remove one at a time, which takes two clicks, but that's a lot, or too tedious for a lazy person.

    Suggestion: Select some/all tabs from the "Hints" section (first screenshot) or those that have been added here (second screenshot), and then press a specific button to remove or hide.

    Someone will say: "What's the point in this?", or "It's hard to come up with.", or "This is optional.", or "Is it really so lazy for a person?" — and that's why i said it was a small proposal. It's not big or very useful. It's just a little thing. Everyone will decide for himself — whether he wants it or not. If this post is rejected or incorrectly accepted/perceived, then i will understand and will not strive to be accepted. In this case, i will simply be banned, but i do not need this.

    Conclusion: If you don't like this idea, then please don't scold me. I am russian anyway, and I’m also on the american forum, where i don’t know which community: toxic or good.

    If I broke the rule of the forum #1: it is very difficult for me to understand the forum with the english language, so also with the interface itself, therefore, if i published a post with a topic that already existed, take pity, i did not intentionally break it.

    Farewell: That's all for me. I hope it was clear, clear and not stupid. I'm waiting for your answer or your opinion.

    First screenshot:
    Second screenshot: