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Request for future options in Opera - [Caps are not allowed] !

  • Please - No More Bloat.
    Please provide a way to Uninstall and completely Remove (by deleting all files, reg keys, etc.) twitter and "weather" integration. IMHO - It's not wanted / needed. I believe (again, IMHO) it would better serve the community if these decisions were made by the community instead of the whims of management (maybe forming a consumer board where these decisions could be vetted????). It would also better serve everyone if these changes were Optional and not integrated, perhaps as Plug-ins , addons or extensions. Core browsing is what a browser is; anything else is [Caps are not allowed] and if a user wants it, they themselves could choose to install it. Please stop adding superfluous non-core-browser functionality and DO optimize your javascript and other engines to the fastest it could be; also updating integrated technologies to the latest standards would be a boon to you as well. I think being the king of web functionality and of speed is better serving the community and yourselves then adding all this ridiculous stuff.

    • Please provide a way to completely Uninstall and Delete all [Caps are not allowed] functionality, including but not limited to "weather", twitter, "flow", speed dial, etc. (If it has nothing to do with the core browser, [Caps are not allowed] and should be and [Caps are not allowed] - this is where a consumer board driven and vetted by the end users could help).
    • [Caps are not allowed] of adding stuff to the browser [Caps are not allowed] the user if they want it [Caps are not allowed] ! There should be a way of Avoiding the install altogether from the Beginning , instead of turning Off a new feature and having [Caps are not allowed] .
    • [Caps are not allowed] , ie, faster javascript engine rendering, etc.