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Rolling through tabs is slow compared to other browsers!

  • Most users for opera GX has switched their browsers from Chrome, Edge, and other browsers - Chrome for me.
    GX is really awesome browser and has a lot of useful features, but there's that special feature that keeps pissing me off which is when i toggle between tabs using Ctrl+Tap/Ctrl+Shift+Tap that window appears - slowly - in the middle of the screen to show me a quick view of the opened tabs, i really want to turn it off.. it takes more time to switch between tabs, I don't know about other users but - as a fast handed user - it's not helpful at all because i need to release my finger from the Ctrl button to switch and see what is in that tab (this is what makes it slower) and keep doing this till i reach to the tab i want, a small view wont help me to check if that is the tab i want or not - not even the name of the tab - so i would rather to turn it off and just keep rolling between tabs more and more faster.
    also sometime my mouse pointer at that moment is in the middle of the screen, in this case switching tabs is doing nothing because the pointer is already pointing in a tab that i don't want and it just travels me to that wrong tab by mistake, [Caps are not allowed] so the pointer is not pointing in the middle and again i'll suffer switching between tabs.. awful!
    please i need to turn it off since I am a fast handed user and always using - only - keyboard shortcuts.

    And a bonus thing.. (as other browsers) Ctrl+9 should takes me to the last tab not the tab number 9.. imagine if i have 20 tabs opened - which is most of times for me - and want to go to the tab number 17 - and remember i'm not a computer so i can calculate accurately that it is exactly number 17 - now i need to press Ctrl+9 and then press Ctrl+Tab and release my both fingers - because i need to see the tab i'm in now, as i said in the top of this feedback - then doing it again pressing and releasing for 8 times to reach to my tab.. awful and slow!! why can't i just press Ctrl+9 to reach the last tab (number 20) and just holding Ctrl+shift then rapidly pressing Tap - without that window i talked about at first - and in less than a second i'll find myself in the tab i want (number 17).

    I know i said a lot of small details but fixing this would make my life easier and not keeping me thinking of switching to the old browser that i'm used to 😞

    note: I've been using GX from the first release, and i'm still not used to this slow tab-switching