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Please increase the speed of the browser

  • Just tested the browser and it looked awesome. The possebilities are insane, but its to slow for me. A gaming browser has to be fast. If you need to loos something up ingame, while also using as little as possible of the cpu and ram. It took about a minute to load whatsapp in the sidebar. And after that. It was laggy. Like, the words appeard 3 seconds later. I thought it might be the regulations i made for the usage of ram and CPU and the VPN. I allowed GX to use as much as it needed and turned of VPN, but still. 67% CPU usage, while not be able to show whatsapp.
    And it wasn't just the messenger, it was clunky while scrowling threw the news or searching for new themes, like just a fraction of a second, but that has to be fixed, if you want to show how fast the browser is. 😃