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Tabs in quickstart and custom urls in sidebar

  • I'm trying opera - was on Vivaldi before. Here are my suggestions that You can implement from Vivaldi.
    First is using tabs in quickstart. Websites grouped in tabs are great! And also there should be button for bookmark panel (I don't want constant bookmark toolbar - why to waste space).

    Second is using custom urls in sidebars as plugins. Now there has to custom plugin but almost every webpage has mobile version so panels which are webpages that You use often is great ide (my example? documentation for bootstrap - I need it often but as a quick view).

  • Tabs in quickstart

    To clarify:

    In Vivaldi, the start page (vivaldi://newtab), shows thumbnails for bookmarks that are in the bookmarks "Speed Dial" folder. You'll see a tab/button named "Speed Dial" at the top of the start page. But, if you click the "+" button next to "Speed Dial" on the start page, you can create another folder and name it what you want. It will then show up as a button/tab at the top of the start page too. You can then switch between the folders to switch between different pages/tabs of speed dials. It's really nice.

    What controls whether a bookmark folder shows up as a button/tab you can switch to on the start page is the bookmark folder's "Speed Dial" property/setting/checkbox that you can control in the bookmarks panel and in vivaldi://bookmarks.

    There's more though. You can still have a regular folder full of speed dials in a main speed dial tab/page. In the bookmarks panel, just make the folder a subfolder of a folder that has "Speed Dial" checked.

    It's all really flexible that way.

  • @piernik said in Tabs in quickstart and custom urls in sidebar:

    Second is using custom urls in sidebars as plugins.

    Yes, support for adding web panels in the sidebar like in Vivaldi (and old, Presto-based Opera 12) would be great.

  • @burnout426 I didn't know that - there should be another button in quickstart - add folder (or in context menu). Thanks