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O 24 dev: Resize Handle on Unity

  • I'm testing Opera 24 Developer on Ubuntu 14 (Trusty) in Unity (standard). Compared to other applications it's a bit tricky to grab the resize handle on the Opera window. There seems to be only 1 px where the mouse cursor changes to the resize icon so that I can resize the window.

    The issue is even more noticeable if I want to resize the window top to bottom (making it smaller from top to bottom). There seems to be no area at the title-bar but somewhere at the upper corners beside the tabs. But this area seems to be really small. It works with shortcut keys (activating Window-Menu - going to resise window, using the keyboard to resize).

    I doubt that it's an issue with the Window Manager and Unity because other applications have a wider area where the mouse-event (changing the icon to resize) is fired. Some apps like the file manager allow that nearly for the whole area of the title bar.

  • I'll concur with this. It is very difficult to resize the Opera 24 window. It's hard to catch the border with the mouse. I'm using 24.0.1555.0.

  • Start opera with
    opera-developer --force-native-window-frame=true
    The grab area will be decided by whatever gtk theme your using.

  • opera-developer --force-native-window-frame=true

    Nice. Thanks. Resizing the window is now better. The window looks a bit different. The Opera Menu is now always at the level of the tabs, which is OK for me.

  • Why not use the native (unity) shortcuts:

    ALT middleclick - resize window

    ALT leftclick - move window

  • Why not use the native (unity) shortcuts:
    ALT middleclick - resize window
    ALT leftclick - move window

    I never knew the middleclick thing. 😉

    The last 2 versions of O25 has a better integration with Unity (with Unity menus). An you don't need this command parameter anymore. Resize handle is working out-of-the-box.

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