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Scheduled logout

In order to introduce new security features and enhance your experience with Opera Forums we had to terminate all sessions that were started before Monday, March 25, 15:00 UTC.
If you find yourself logged out please rest assured that this is completely normal and expected. To participate in the discussions after that date you have to sign-in again using the "Login" button.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Opera Mini 8 update 1 for Java and BlackBerry

  • We have just released a bug fix update of Opera Mini 8 for J2ME and BlackBerry devices. For BlackBerry we have made it faster to install and also fixed some issues related to font calculations. The issue with line break in text areas has also been fixed for BlackBerry.

    For J2ME there are minor bug fixes, and we have made it possible to use Opera Mini on ZTE P80. We recommend that all users upgrade.

    Thanks to all our users for reporting bugs. It is important that you continue to send them to us by using the bug report wizard.


  • has new version uploaded on servers from where we can download whne we try it says it is same 8.0 not 8.1 pl help

  • The version is the same but the build nr is different. Check 'about:opera' page.

  • Something which I've noticed since previous 8.0v was that branding name is 'hernskifers' but the campaign remains 'dogwood' from previous Opera Mini (saving data at installation).

  • Please add the ability to change themes in your next update for java. Also we want an option in settings to make opera mini fetch either desktop sites or mobile ones.

  • Looking forward to you guys fixing the copy/paste feature !

    Also, y'all seem to be doing an Opera Mini survey at the moment but the current version of Opera (v.8.0) is so flawed, after reloading the page thrice - once isn't enough anymore!? - I couldn't even open your own survey in it ! Something about 'Uncaught Exception.'

    Sad to admit but Opera Mini is quickly falling from the mantle as my favourite mobile browser.

    Here's hoping things improve.

  • I'm seeing one major problem with Mini just now - edit windows are being positioned behind my keyboard. When I click in the Opera mini forum reply window at the bottom of a thread, I can't get to the bottom of the text if the box fills. I've reported it as a bug.


  • cant do opera survey. When i click on do survey. I get 403 forbidden. Why?

  • Opera mini should give an updated download manager with adding downloading speed and times remaining to download etc.Also it should update uploading.

  • does anyone know when my opera will be opened? or is it closed forever ? i really miss my opera blog and all my friends on my opera,. please tell me, whats happening with Myopera? :((

  • I have a major issue, I have to download large zip files in my bb device 9300 can't do that with the native browser obviously, but my favorite and trusted browser has started disappointing me after my update to v8 it doesn't download files bigger then 5M, why Is that happening now, are there any restriction?

  • @jz3j
    I think that's an old issue and this q was asked before in myopera forum even by dev guys (the limit was ~2MB then). I can only guess that main connection could be before or after gateway via 80 and 1080 ports on mini side and there is the glitch. You may think that only one internet profile is active but if streaming capability is not detected then Opera Mini server will find the streamer even on MMS profile and 5MB limits could come from there or from additional bb services.

  • Does opera mini 8 work with blackberry Z30?

  • I'm seeing one major problem with Mini just now - edit windows are being
    positioned behind my keyboard. When I click in the Opera mini forum reply
    window at the bottom of a thread, I can't get to the bottom of the text if the
    box fills. I've reported it as a bug.

    Ok so that was July 13...and the results of your BUG REPORT were....... ??

    p.s. it does the same thing for me sometimes...

  • Still have no edit function - - no icon - - no quote function - - also randomly & spontaneously logs me out, like it just did - - junk

  • Hi, I can't seem to find anywhere to actually download opera mini onto my BlackBerry Z10. Anytime I look in BlackBerry World it doesn't exist unless I look for it on my PC (and I can't download it to my PC). I can't download it from the Google play store and I can't download it from the opera site. I'm not sure if I'm being completely obtuse and missing something or if this legitimately not working. Assistance would be much appreciated.

  • BlackBerry Z10

    You can get Opera Mini for BB OS 10 here:
    Choose "Opera Mini 7.x (Android)"

  • I can't surf the internet through wifi,but gprs worked,my device:9930

  • Can't read bengali in small font setting on opera 8.

  • Using Opera 8 for J2ME. Loved the interface in Opera 7, Opera 8 is pretty harsh (I hate the Windows 8 interface). Would it be too much to ask for an option to switch themes?

    Also, doesn't work properly. Cannot delete messages cannot switch to other pages.

    Also, ebay items switch to the mobile version, its difficult to do things like revise items, send invoices when all the options are missing. The rest of ebay shows up as the desktop version which I prefer.

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