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    • Most websites are designed in the "mobile first" paradigm.

    • Mobile websites often load way faster.

    • We all are used to browsing in these vertical viewports.

    I often have the use case that I do not just browse in a fullscreen window, but search for informations aside working in another app like Writer, Draw oder Calc. For this I love using Opera in a slim vertical window on the right (or left) side of my desktop screen while doing my main work in an almost quadratic window on the other side. On my mac there is always the green button at my disposal if I occasionally want to use the browser in full screen mode and put it back afterwards. The vertical sidebar is perfect suitable for this use. I just added an extension for a vertical tab view that folds out with a button in the sidebar. Perfect.

    If only Opera would turn into a perfect "Mobile browser" when shrinked down to a narrow window size. This would be great and could be a really unique feature that makes Opera desktop standing out from all other browsers.

    Things that do not perfectly work now:

    • The genious messenger windows are kind of fixed to a 3-rd of the viewport width. Please make it's width configurable or give them kind of a minimum width so they stay large enough in a narrow window configuration!

    • Same for: Flow and Favorites,

    • The setup windows are not responsive yet.

    • The tabs-row should be removable or swappable to vertical mode like with the "Simple Vertical Tabs" extension. (Maybe a little bit more pretty) The dropdown button does a pretty good job as well, but ... could be improved.

    I do not know, if Opera in a narrow window loads pages like a mobile browser thus accelerating downloading time. Would be a nice additional feature.

    I think, this usecase could be promoted by Opera as it is really useful and practical.