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Minimise Tracking, with "Delete this site's cookies"?

  • I often click a link to read some thing on random site. Inevitably, I am forced to "Accept Cookies", meaning that an unspecified amount of tracking will happen to me, for the foreseeable future. (Thanks.)

    It would be so handy if I could then, having clicked "Accept Cookies", just right-click the tab, at the top of the screen, and select some kind of "Always trash this site's cookies" option.

    And thereafter, even months in the future, the site would always find it was allowed to set any cookies it liked, but unknown to the site, those cookies would always be deleted very shortly afterwards.

    [Disclaimer: I'm no web expert, and I could be talking nonsense, or there could be an Extension that does this better already, and it's my first post so I might have cocked it all up... Apologies if so.]