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Search stash from addressbar/stash suggestions

  • I love the stash feature, the full text search for stash pages is great. However my one big complaint is to search stash, I have to go to speed dial > stash > click on search box before I can search the stash.

    Searching from the addressbar only appears to give results from search engine suggestions, history, and speed dial, but no stash results. It would be great if the URLbar could also give results from pages saved in stash (like firefox's awesomebar gives results for bookmarks). It would also be cool if the stash could be added as its own "search engine', so you could search only stash right from the addressbar with a search keyword (something like s searchterm).

    At the very least, if this isn't possible, I'd suggest two smaller changes for stash:

    1 When selecting stash, you should be able to start searching/typing right away. Right now you actually have to click the search box first, which is unintuitive and a pointless extra click.

    2 There should be a keyboard shortcut for stash. currently there doesn't appear to be one (someone correct me if I'm wrong there). If I could at least go directly to stash with a shortcut that would be an improvement, and combined with #1 would make searching stash much quicker, and make stash a more viable bookmarks supplement.

  • It would be great if we could choose the order of stash items 🙂

  • opera://flags/#stash-suggestions

  • @rafaelluik

    Thanks, apparently I should check opera:flags more often!

    I'd still very much like to see the other two suggestions implemented though, being able to go right to stash with a keyboard shortcut and not having to click the searchbox would allow the stash's full text search capabilities to be integrated into one's workflow much easier! (the addressbar suggestions are a bit basic compared to searching from the stash page itself).

  • Yes, addressbar search suggestions should include Bookmarks.

    Yes, it matters if I need to revisit my bookmarked sites (in the thousands and several levels deep) through a Google Search. That step is totally unnecessary and compromises privacy.