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  • The Extensions page is a jumble of randomness and badly in need of some sort of revamp so that Extensions are listed with top rated at start.........

    For instance when you click top rated you would expect the top rated to be at start and then less rated next, you know like a list that follows some sort of sense, considering that is the whole point of a list....

    To clarify, when you go to extension page and click top rated you get this for the first 8 extensions.

    Aliexpress Shopping Assistant
    Bitwarden - Free Password Manager
    ePN CashBack Plugin
    SurfEasy Proxy
    History Eraser
    Magic Actions for YouTube™

    You would expect when click top rated that they would be listed in order and not the random mess that they are listed in. Its not just the first 8 and I know I know its rated out of 5 however the total amount of people giving rating is much more an indication of "top rated"

    Sorry to be negative and go on just its been this jumbled list forever and no attempt has been made to list extensions in order lol - I mean whats point of click top rated if the extensions are then listed not in order of how many people are rating them???

    I know that me saying about this is almost pointless and it will not be sorted so it lists extensions in order as will be some sort of behind the scenes reason that only makes sence to developers and funding Opera but come on guys seriously for us users who use opera just fix the list so it is list extensions in order, please.

    The other thing apart from this is the extension page has "Opera Ad blocker" listed like its an extension that is added and its part of Opera already, makes no sense and when you check related it shows "Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels™" which has nothing to do with add blockers whatsoever........

    To sum up the extension pages are a total mess and badly need sorted so people can see whats popular and show what related alternatives are available.

    Again sorry to go on and be negative 🙂