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Unable to import password csv file

  • I have a csv file of passwords which was exported from Opera on another machine and I want to import the.

    I enable the import flag, click on the banana icon in passwords, select import, select the file and select open. The popup disappears and the passwords are not imported.

  • I forgot to mention that I am using xubuntu not windows.

    I have tried:

    Enable opera://flags/#PasswordImport and then go to opera://settings/passwords and click on the three dots on the right o saved passwords.

    Suggested by @leocg earlier this year.

  • This is indeed the Linux, not Windows, forum location.

    I've used Opera on Linux for a few years now, and I recommend you solve this problem by signing into Opera on both machines/browsers (you seem to already have an account).

    Then set synchronize to include everything from bookmarks to passwords (you get to set your own passphrase by which they are encrypted, so even Opera doesn't have the key, it's quite secure).

    Every new machine / OS install I simply download Opera and log on and and sync and boom, all my bookmarks and passwords are there.

    That said, it sounds like the 'export' and 'import' options didn't automatically work for you. And you already tried one fix (the flag approach), without any luck. I wonder if the file is compatible between both Operas you have. The sync approach I noted works every time, on that note.

    Good luck.

  • @nextsys Yes, I am quite sure the sync systems works because you send your data to another computer and then ask for it back later.

    In my case, I prefer to keep my data on my machines. If I export a file from one provider I expect it to be importable by the same provider.

    My file was produced by Opera and should be importable by the same software version. If importation software is change then the provider should warn when an export is attempted. If Opera has said, "Beware, you may not be able to import even in Opera" then what would I have done? Continued? The time between export and import was only minutes, not days even.

  • Hi,

    Is Opera updated?

    As a workaround,
    You could try generating another Profile, import there and Copy/Paste the file to the current Profile.

    You could use Terminal to launch it or create a Shortcut using --user-data-dir from on current installation or install Dev or Beta versions and do it from there.

    On New Chromium, Import Flag has been visually disabled, you should run it as a Command from Terminal/Shortcut.

    "Off topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's BackUp | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan, even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up | Reset

  • I think prudent thing to do for hassle free future is to use firefox 🙂

  • You'll have issues with FireFox from time to time just like any other application, Opera included; but, maybe that's the only solution for you at this time, aside from re-logging into everything manually (once).

    I also prefer a machine-side copy of everything (so I do Opera sync + an encrypted PC file).

  • @nextsys Yes, I have a manual sync with two backup drives on another pi. So, I didn't lose my passwords, just a lot of annoyance that this happened when I tried out a new browser. Ive used FF for many years on many different machines and never had a problem so I will stay with them. Bye to Opera.