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Unable to log in UbuntuOne web site

  • I am a member of UbuntuOne and have been using Firefox to log in there for some time. I have also used Chrome. Both have the same password and today I can use both to sign in.

    However, when I try to log in using Opera with the same credentials I am faced with an error message saying effectively, "Bad Bot, Go Away". Not helpful so I consulted the Ubuntu forum using Firefox and was told that the problem was probably to do with the browser, Opera.

    I have renamed the Opera cache file in the .config folder and restarted Opera, assuming that would clear the fault. It does not.

    I could uninstall Opera and re-install it but I cannot find the bookmark of password file location.

    What else can I do, other than go back to using Firefox?

  • Opera 65 probably identifies as chrome 78, as seen in its browser in its browser identification string under opera://about, so the site blocks you because it thinks you have an outdated browser. You can also check that on .

    If that is the problem, you can use a user agent spoofing addon to make it identify as chrome 78 or firefox 71. Or install opera beta, which is on version 66 now and will probably identify as chrome 79 and try logging in with that one.
    And please let me know, because I have the same issue with my bank's web page, so I have to use another browser to do my e-banking.

    Also, make sure you have disabled the vpn.

  • This:

    make sure you have disabled the vpn.

    PS: I use really outdated Opera version (64.0.3417.92 / Chromium 77.0.3865.120 ) without problems with Ubuntu One.

  • My problem I found related to the fact that I allowed Opera to enter my password which it had obtained from a Firefox import.

    I deleted the password entry and entered what I knew was the correct (not knowing if the one entered before was correct.) That attempt to log in failed each time.

    Eventually I removed the password and email from Opera and entered both manually. After some attempts and a reboot, it worked.

    I am a bit disappointed with Opera because I exported the passwords to csv to edit them and deleted all from Opera. Now I cannot import what Opera exported!