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Save As Pdf do not save links

  • Save as pdf do not save links. In generaly save as pdf save same links but not all.
    For example print to pdf save almost all links. You can check it on opera forum page ( Save this page as pdf and via printing to pdf and compare result (see name of topiks).

    It is Save as pdf:

    It is print to pdf:

    Do you know how i can save as pdf with links?
    If it is bug how i can help with it (write about it to support etc)?

  • I can confirm that with the PDF produced by the "right-click on page -> Save as pdf" feature, not all links are clickable.

    I don't know if it's due to an actual bug or if the code that generates the PDF is just limited in how it detects HTML links.

    On, if you right-click on a link to a thread and inspect it, you can see that it is indeed an HTML anchor element and not some other element that's just made clickable by Javascript. Given that, I'm assuming the the "Save as PDF" code just isn't picking up those anchor elements because they're added to the page dynamically with Javascript or something in a way that causes them not to be detected.

    Given that, I would assume Opera could be improved to catch more links.

  • It could be as simple as this:


        window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
            var a = document.createElement("a");
            a.href = "";
            a.textContent = "Am I clickable in a PDF?";

    Load test.html in Opera, right-click the page and choose "save as pdf". Then, open the PDF and see if it's clickable. If it's not, it means Opera doesn't detect dynamically-added links. If so, it's something Opera should fix if possible.

  • You are right.
    Opera do not find dynamic links in save as pdf (but do it in print to pdf).
    Probably opera take semantic information from initialization page step for save as pdf. However opera take actual view of page for save as pdf (for example you can open some sub item on the page which do not showing on the page by default, and opera do save page in actual state).

    It is a pity that we have such asymmetry. I think it is not a true bug. Just developers have had some trouble with it. And they implemented this asymmetric approach.

    Do you know where do i can see programme code of this functional or it is not a public code?

  • @operapdf said in Save As Pdf do not save links:

    Do you know where do i can see programme code of this functional or it is not a public code?

    Opera's source code is not public. But, Since it uses Chromium, you can look at Chromium source code.

    I think Chromium and Opera's PDF functions are done with Also, see I'm assuming Opera wrote some custom code for the "Save as PDF" function that makes use of PDFium. But, theat custom code probably isn't available to the public. But, don't really know for sure.

    On a side, there might be a "Save as PDF" extension that does things better than Opera's feature. You can look at as pdf?_category=extensions and

  • I wrote in support but support do not understood me(

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