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Logout completely from site

  • Are you saying that clicking' logout in the top right corner, then clicking the blue 'login' box, then going to the 'Continue As' page, and then clicking on the 2nd icon (takes me back to the sign in page) is the correct way to sign out completely?

    If so, that is an illogical way to sign out of a forum,

  • @sporty78 When I have logged out of the forum, I click on Opera account at the bottom of the page, where I also log out by clicking on the arrow at the top right, as shown on my screenshot.

    The concrete situation is simply that you log in to the forum with your Opera account data. If you log out of the forum, this only applies to the forum, but not to the Opera account.

  • Basically then, logging out completely involves two steps: Logging out of the forum and logging out of the Opera account.

    Click login
    On 'Continue As' page, click 2nd icon to go back to Opera account sign in page.

  • @sporty78 said in Logout completely from site:

    Basically then, logging out completely involves two steps: Logging out of the forum and logging out of the Opera account.

    That's exactly how I see the situation.

    Click login

    Instead of clicking "Login", the other option is to go directly to the Opera account page. As mentioned, this is how I do it.

  • I just checked: If I don't log out of the forum, but I log out of the Opera account, I still remain logged in to the forum.

    So that means summarized:

    • If I log in to the forum, I automatically log in to my Opera account.
    • If I log out of the forum, there is no automatic logout from the Opera account.
    • If I remain logged in to the forum, but log out of the Opera account, I still remain logged in to the forum.
  • @yanta said in Logout completely from site:

    @sporty78 But that's the situation. And I remember that there had been criticism of it before, which had been discussed in the relevant subforum (there were also other members who had not been aware of this situation).

    That's the thread I meant.

    The relevant section starts here.

  • @yanta

    Regarding 'Clear Browsing Data,' am I correct that selecting the 'Basic' tab only deletes the three types of data (meaning the other two types of data remain saved) whereas selecting the 'Advanced' tab deletes all five types of settings-at the same time?

  • @sporty78 Could you wait for burnout426's answer in your other thread, please? I never dealt with this topic and I don't want to tell you anything wrong.

  • @yanta

    I was unsure if he thought my latest post was a response or a question-It was the latter and he did not respond so I figured that I would ask here since you are online.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I checked things out myself. Everything seems to be working fine. is where you log into your Opera account. It's also where you are redirected to when you try to login to the forums. Your Opera account then lets you log into Opera services like the forums etc. You can log out of and remain logged into the forums because your session cookies etc. are still valid.

    If you log out of the forums you're still logged into So, if you try to log back into the forums, when you're redirected to, it knows you're still logged into your Opera account and will ask you to log in with the active user if you want.

    Sites like Google do something similar. Only with them, when you choose to log out of for example, you're logging out of also.

    So, Opera is indeed a tad bit different here where you can log out (clear session cookies for it) of the forums while still remaining logged into your Opera account. Little bit different, but seems okay to me.

    Now, in the forum menu, it could instead say "Logout of forums" for the link to be more descriptive. The logout icon at could say "Logout" near it too (and perhaps in a tooltip). Further, the forums could have a second link that says "Logout of forums and Opera account" so you can do both at the same time.

  • @burnout426

    Thx-I just wanted confirmation of that.

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