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After use keyboard shoutcut "ALT + O. " browser is freeze.

  • Hi guys i trying to search this issue on Google, but i can't find any resolve of my problem. I install allready Opera GX and after i started write something, everytime when i press ALT + O, the keyboard stopped working and browser looks like freeze, after i press ALT + O again "ó" it's been show and browser work again.

    I didn't change any keyboard shoutcut in browser and i try to found this shoutcut but without positive result. Advanced shoutcut is disabled.

    Please help, becouse i can't use this browser normally.

  • @ShaGan Hi,
    I have exactly the same problem as you.
    but I found a solution to unfreeze the browser.
    You must press ALT + O again - After that the browser will be "unlocked".
    I don't know the reason for this problem yet, but this solution allows using the browser as normal.
    I noticed that this problem is not only in Opera, but also in other applications, such as Thunderbird or Notepad.
    I think some keyboard shortcuts are active, but I don't know what.
    Do you have nVidia graphics? I suppose it's related to her.

  • @stingear hi I found how to resolve the problem but I didn't understand why it's working like this. My NZXT App or Corsair iCUE app do it this problem. After I disable shortcuts opera starts working. Check your background software.

  • @ShaGan
    I've also come to the reason that CAM is the reason. For me, the problem disappears after disabling this application.
    I think you should contact NZXT to explain this problem.

  • @ShaGan
    Hi, I received a reply from NZXT.
    You must go to the NZXT settings, then go to the Overlay tab.
    The middle position will be: Display Hotkey
    After pointing with the mouse X appears, which will delete the shortcut.
    alt text

  • @stingear yes but explain me why shortcut Ctrl+O has working when u press ALT+O ;P strange...

  • @ShaGan
    I don't know, but it doesn't matter. It is important that the problem disappears after this change.
    NZXT didn't explain it to me either.
    I bet on errors in the program code.
    Anyway, that's enough for me because it solves this problem and I don't need an explanation.