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Opera standalone will refresh desktop and create icon at every start

  • Hello,

    I have updated to the newest Opera, cleared cache as mentioned in a previous post that has now been locked, but the issue remain.
    I did try to uninstall opera, keeping only my data folder and reinstalling the standalone version. But it remains the same.

    If I delete the icon, opera will create it again on next start.
    If I keep the icon, opera will still refresh the whole desktop icons.

    Am I alone having this issue ?

    The only way I did fix was by using an older launcher, but opera is harassing me to update if I keep the older launcher.

    Any help is welcome, Thanks.

  • I can try to reproduce. What OS? What version of Opera? 32-bit or 64-bit Opera?

    Also, where is the standalone installation folder at?

    Since a standalone installation doesn't create shortcuts on its own (normally), did you initially right-click on launcher.exe and choose to create a shortcut and then move it to your desktop or something? Did you pin the taskbar icon one Opera was launched?

  • For a standalone installation, if I pin it to the taskbar, the next time Opera loads, a desktop icon will be created which might refresh the desktop. If I then delete the icon, it's not recreated after that. But, maybe there's something special I have to do to cause the behavior you're getting.

  • @burnout426

    Windows 10 (1903)
    Opera 64.0.3417.47 (64 bits)
    Standalone version installed on D drive

    Launching directly from launcher.exe or from desktop shortcut or a 3rd party launcher will have the same effect (flashing desktop icons and creating opera shortcut again and again etc.).

  • I'll have to test with a standalone installation on another drive when I get a change. There was recently btw.

  • @burnout426

    The only way things are ok, is when I use a previous launcher.exe backup from 2018 that opera left on its folder.

    This is really strange but as I completely uninstalled Opera and cleared the cache of my data folder, then installed again, there is no reason that this problem that I never had before comes from my pc, for sure it comes from opera.

    Other browsers do not have this behaviour when I launch them.

  • @burnout426 said in Opera standalone will refresh desktop and create icon at every start:

    I'll have to test with a standalone installation on another drive when I get a chance.

    Tested on an external drive. Same behavior. Opera only creates a desktop icon once after I first pin it to the taskbar. If I delete the desktop icon, it doesn't come back. Same Windows version and build and Opera version as you.

  • I believe you of course and many others have had this problem. Just not sure how exactly to reproduce.

    Is your Windows user account an admin account or a standard user account?

  • @burnout426

    I am the admin of this PC and there is no other accounts on it.

  • Also, maybe it counts in this issue, but Opera is not my default browser.

  • Hi,

    It was happening on my system some time ago, now it's gone - Stable | Dev -.

    I've made a .bat to clean the desktop icons, I would share it despite your problem should be found and fixed.

    "Off topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's BackUp | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up | Reset

  • If you launch opera.exe instead of launcher.exe, is the shortcut still created and the desktop still flickers/refreshes?

  • I haven't tried, but if I try this, will opera create a new user folder somewhere else ?

    I think that the launcher is made for the standalone version, doesn't it ?


  • @jsssx No, it'll be fine. launcher.exe is used for the regular installation of Opera too. opera.exe (even in a standalone installation) will honor the installation_status and installation_prefs files and will still use the profile in the standalone installation folder.

  • @burnout426

    Same issue if I launch opera.exe instead of launcher.exe (desktop is refreshed and icon is back).

  • Just to double check, can you make another standalone installation of the latest stable version of Opera on your drive to test with to see if it also does it?

  • @burnout426

    I was thinking that this is going to be the solution but unfortunately it does the same.
    Icon is created at first launch and comes back at every restart.

  • Anything special/non-default with the way your desktop is set up? Different view/arrange sortings?

    Can you temporarily move all your icons off your desktop (to a folder somewhere else) and test again.

    Can you test if any security programs are triggering the behavior?

    Do you see anything in the task manager for Opera before you open it?

    Do you have Opera pinned to the taskbar? Is so, can you unpin it to test if that make a difference?

  • Do you use a local account for Windows 10 or do you sign in with a Microsoft account? If the latter, do you have theme syncing on?

  • Nothing special, nothing about opera before start, no desktop organising software.
    I only have Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall Control for security.
    Moving icons did not change anything too.

    I have 3 monitors plugged to this computer, does it count ?
    2 are plugged on the Intel GPU and the main is on a AMD RX580 (all up to date).

    No Mircrosoft account, only local account, no password, no theme, no sync.

    Sorry for this hard case and thank you for your time 🙂