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[Bug] CPU usage very high, even with a limiter on

  • Hello,

    I posted this on reddit, but was told I should report this as a possible bug.

    I was using Opera GX, and he CPU usage was crazy high. I decided to enable the limiter, but that didn't make much of a difference.

    Here is a link to the post and screenshot -

  • Would it be possible to show the CPU usage and also the Task Manager entry of Opera GX expanded (click on the little > to the left of Opera GX) to show all the processes.


  • So let me know if this is what you wanted:
    alt text

  • Looks like it is showing 50% of the value. Perhaps the error is related to your CPU. In a command prompt please type the following:

    wmic cpu get caption, deviceid, name, numberofcores, maxclockspeed, status

    You should see something like this:


    Hopefully this might help the Opera developers track down the issue.

  • I tried this again and the limiter came pretty darn close for me:


    I used the TryIt Editor ( with the following JavaScript:

    var i, el;
    var createdElements = {};
    var events = [];
    function attachAlert(element) {
        element.onclick = function() { alert(element.innerHTML); };
    function reallyBadAttachAlert(element) {
        return function() { alert(element.innerHTML); };
    for (i = 0; i < 1000000; i++) {
        el = document.createElement('div');
        el.innerHTML = i;
        /** posibility one: you're storing the element somewhere **/
        createdElements['div' + i] = el; 
        /** posibility two: you're storing the callbacks somewhere **/
        event = reallyBadAttachAlert(el);
        el.onclick = event;
  • I'm also experiencing excessive CPU usage from the Opera GX.
    Been using regular Opera before and didn't experience this issue. It's hogging my resources and it's the main browser I use for work.

  • I'm sorry!!! I wasn't getting notifications about this thread for some reason. Trying to figure out my settings now.

    Regarding the issue, I can't seem to recreate it. It either happens or doesn't and sometimes a restart isn't even required to solve the issue. Something just fixes itself

  • I tried using the limiter and this is what it looks like... Clearly not resolved yet...