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What percentage of people are adapting well to the new Opera?

  • So do you joshl & linuxmint7..?

    I never joshl nor linuxmint. Maybe Linuxmint linuxmints sometimes - do you, Linuxmint? 🙂

  • I never joshl either, though I have been known to linuxmint7 once in a while.

  • So then, who in the name of Firefox is joshlinux or linexjosh? You guys (or women or things) seem to be working like the latest version of Opera.

  • You guys (or women or things) seem to be working like the latest version of Opera.

    We seem to not adapting very well :lol:
    Myself personally not even tried a 12! :whistle:

  • And it's a productive & enlightening thread too.

  • leushino, I've just downed a whole pot of Britgeotter-Calm tea and suddenly I'm feeling so much better. I'll have to bow to your advice and take another shot at the new Opera.

    Bravo! I applaud you on your willingness to try it once more. Here's the thing I've found. It took me a few days of using nothing but the new browser to finally adapt to it. Initially I was tempted to give up, but with some advice from others and a scouring of both the Opera and Chrome extension stores, I was able to find what I needed to make the browser work for me. And now I love it. Granted, my needs are few and it may be that you find yourself missing some things from the Presto version that you can't seem to live without so I can't speak for you (or anyone else for that matter). Take care (and bottoms up on the tea!). 🙂

  • Still waiting for a extension for "Hold right button, roll mouse wheel" that also includes a working tab list. None in the store currently works.

  • Leushino... Yup, a fair chunk of Married Blitz...The problem I have with her is that she took me to heart back around OPERA 10, and used "Control D ...Enter" a LOT. When the list got bigger and bigger I went into the BM Manager and created a bunch of sub folder groupings. I didn't know with '24' that whilst the Importer brought BM's in subfolders IN... they all went IN the Speed Dial bunch individually, not grouped. Fortunately in MY computer I only had four or five subfolders and when I figured out how to group the S/D panels into pseudo folders I had no problem. With HER that Importer would have to order in Pizza for all the time it would take... and then Old Gizmo here would have to sort 'em out. Talking her into some BonZo Search and Destroy in her 12.17 BMs first. But I'm damned sure not going to trade her in for a New Model! After all, she's survived me.....if it was 'private' I'd tell you how long....

    Cheers 'n' Beers


  • gizmo77-77: have you considered writing as a vocation (or past-time)? You have a definite aptitude for it. I enjoy reading your posts. Sorry about the current bookmarking feature in Opera but rumor has it that the next version will set this straight. For those (like me) with relatively few bookmarks, it's not an issue but many require a manager with greater capabilities and hopefully that will be delivered in the next version. :cheers:

  • Leushino...Nah... a BS'er is always a BS'er. It does help to have had a pretty good run at being a Ham Radio Operator, though. We tend to develop 'Rag-Chewing' to an art-form!

    Imported around 100 BM's from Her 12.17 into her computer's '24'. Turns out she LIKES it! Likes the thumb-nail representation of the URL. Life here is a lot easier when all our computers run the same stuff. I've learned a lot just figuring out how to answer Her questions.

    Been fun, OM [Old Man... Ham term].... Not much further for you or the guys 'reading the mail'...[nuther Ham term for listening in]

    Remember...."If it ain't fun, don't do it..."


  • I have a distinct feeling from your writing that we're about the same age. Take care. ☕

  • I've been using Opera almost 15 years, since I bought it on a floppy disk. I love the 1-key shortcuts, small screen option, panel & bookmarks setup, look & feel. But web page compatibility was terrible. But I still love it for the sites that it works on.

    So I'm keeping my 12.17 but just installed New Opera 24, hoping it can replace my IE. So far I'm impressed with the speed and look & feel. Time will tell.

  • I wish to have back the vertical tabs arrangement. In Opera 12 you had that, you could put tabs bar on side of the screen. Only problem was lack of scrolling, only wrapping or menu for the rest of tabs. But anyway you could squeeze around 20 tabs and still see titles.

  • They should call the new Opera, "Opera for zombies", as this is only a useful tool, when you don't have a brain and don't want to do anything except write emails to your grandma and watch some bad porn. Opera apparently decided they hate their own community, because they are too smart and too engaging and too individual. This doesn't pay off well for a company in a strongly battled market.

    I did switch to the Opera last week, but only because the whole internet was breaking down for 12.x. Apparently google decided to get rid off all classic-opera-support for their services recently, and they dominate the web quite massively.

    The chrome extension can compensate some shortcomings of this crippled Chrome-version, but very basic features that made Opera distinct and earned the praise of their users are completely missing. I guess the commercial character of the digital world doesn't allow for 1%-market-share anymore. It's either billions or nothing. The whole internet will be designed for 13 year old girls soon, because they are the most influential group if you try to have everybody as a customer.

    Sad story.

  • It's like taking the steering wheel, the odometer and a floor mat out of ones' car. Why do these dudes do this?

    Best comment so far 😃