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  • Here you can post comments about DownThemAll! extension, created by nmaier

  • Great works devs! I almost gave up on you, but see what you have done now, wow!
    Great to find your supported in Opera, as that's my main browser now, but i would go back to Firefox just to use DTA, as it's the best!
    Everything is working so far. If I find any bugs I will let you know via the proper channels.
    Thanks again, and I hope this all goes well for you!

    As for users who don't know, DTA is the best downloader for getting all the files on a static web page in just a few clicks. But now they added another feature where you can DL all the wanted files from all the sites in your open tabs! Also, note that DTA is best for DL files (video, music, ect.) from static web sites, no so much for hosted downloads, but it will work for that too, if you can access the links. Also, this isn't a stream ripper, such as with downloading video from YouTube.

    Now, DTA may do more now, but IDK as I'm still testing it.

    Enjoy folks!

  • Please, add settings to catch all downloads from opera to this extension 🙂

  • Update?

  • @pinheadlucas Right now the Opera website doesn't let me update the extension, because it says the opus file type is a an invalid type (IIRC I tried wav and ogg vorbis formats too, which were rejected as well). The Firefox add-ons site and the Chrome WebStore do not impose such a restriction. I believe the Opera developers merely forgot to whitelist this benign file type.
    I reported the issue to Opera, of course, as DNAWIZ-73448.

    I was waiting for a response and fix from Opera (which I guess should be as easy as adding opus to some list), but so far nothing. Since it has been about 20 days since I reported the issue and nothing has happened, I will now add a work-around where I just remove the "play sounds" feature completely from the Opera version. This will take some time, so it will be ready maybe this weekend.

  • 👌 thanks

  • 4.2.3 (with sounds removed, to work around the opera website issue) was approved now. Yay!

  • Finally, Thank you so much :). I'm glad you came back

  • @nmaier
    First of all: many thanks for your great extension ! Like many others I am very happy it is back again. Some extensions are a 'must', this is one of them.

    It works fine, but I do have one question or possible feature request(?)

    If 'batch' downloading a number of files (for instance, multiple PDFs), I have to click on the [Save] button for each and every file.
    Is there a way to really.. 'download them all' with 1 hit?
    Maybe I am overlooking an option?


  • I am very glad that you are back, a very useful and convenient addition, thank you very much !!! Have a good time!

  • @mopw69: yes!! this would be great!!

  • Welcome to Opera ! Just donated after seeing this, had previously donated as a longtime FireFox user. Still using this great extension (the pre-WE ver.) there, mainly with FF Legacy 5290. I recall reading though the DTA blogs, re all the travails with the new add-ons architecture, and the doubts as to whether DTA could continue at all. I'm sure glad that it did ! I really don't like -- at all -- many of the things Mozilla has been doing with FF, after 5290. They seem to be doing all they can to ruin it. In any case, Opera has shown itself to be superior in several areas, such as the odds of being able to actually print out what you see onscreen, in a complete and ungarbled fashion.

    I do hope that you can be more responsive to user queries or comments than seemed to be the case in the past.

  • Thank You for this awesome plugin! I will send donate soon. I know this plugin from Firefox.
    Great Job!

  • Update pls

  • Tried to post a bug report for the Opera extension version, on the appropriate bug-tracker page, but for some reason it did not post. I did install the new Opera extension, which shows up under their Extensions, but it seems to do nothing. It won't trigger DTA in a download situation (as one of the options), whereas the Windows extension for FireFox always worked, at least up through that final 5290 Legacy release of FF. Looking for some help in getting the extension for Opera to work that way also. As I noted earlier, I had donated previously for the Windows extension, and would do so again for this new one -- if I can get it to actually work.

  • this addon is a bit of a mess... if u click "oneclick" it opens a certain window, if you click "downthemall!" it opens the same window..
    just clutterful and confusing

  • A follow-up to my post of 5 months ago. I worked out how to have this extension do something in Opera, though it under a fully manual control. From a Right Click context menu, I open a separate small window with 'Add Download',. then input the download URL from a clipboard Copy. (In these cases, one must first be properly logged into the site in question, in order to be able to download at all.) This gets a DTA download going.

    What remains to be answered is: WHY this strictly manual approach, when under the aforementioned legacy FireFox DTA initiates the requested download automatically, in effect intercepting the download request that the browser would ordinarily offer to do. That is a smoother, preferred behavior that I had long been used to.
    Also, Why is the DTA download under Opera so abysmally Slow ?? We're talking a low kb/s vs. a decent MB/s that I typically got under the old FireFox.

    Perhaps there are some valid reasons, and I'd love to hear about from the developers.

  • Очень неудобно! Постоянно приходится нажимать «сохранить» кнопку. И так каждый файл. А если качается весь сайт, то придётся нажимать «сохранить» сотни раз.

  • @kon7525ru-0: Чтобы этого не происходило, нужно выключить опцию в настройках, что-то вроде "Спрашивать каждый раз куда сохранить файл". Эта опция находится там же, где настраивается путь к downloads фолдеру.

  • Useless, because the clipboard is not evaluated, as it is the case in JDownloader. Without this function a downloader is meaningless.