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Eagle Get Addon is not working on Opera

  • Hello folks, Now I am really not sure if this is a Opera problem or is it an Eagle Get problem. I have installed Eagle Get which is an app that allow users to download videos and medias from the internet. So my main usage of Eagle Get is to download some of my favorite vids edit em a bit and re-share them in Facebook. So this app comes with a configuration and a way to put that addon inside Opera. So I followed the instructions as per what Eagle Get told me to do.

    Now I do have that Eagle Get icon in Opera. So when I launch YouTube for example, and when I am watching the video there will be a number showing on the icon, showing the number of vids that I can download. So I click on that icon. Then I point to the location of where I wanna download too, then hit ok.

    Now in the past, all I had to do was hit enter wait a bit until it finishes downloading, then I play the file on VLC or media player. ITS simple. BUT now, for some reason, it shows the icon. I get to download the file, but when I press play, its NOT readable on VLC or Media Player. I cant seem to view the video at all.

    SO wonder if you can help me with this problem. Am not sure if its an OPERA configuration problem or an Eagle Get problem. If its not an Opera problem, then yeah... Id take it up to Eagle Get guys then.

  • See Try a standalone installation of Opera, Opera Beta and Opera Developer in an "Opera Eagle Get Test" (for example) folder so you can test the extension in fresh profiles to see if there's any difference.

    @rismarved said in Eagle Get Addon is not working on Opera:

    I get to download the file, but when I press play, its NOT readable on VLC or Media Player.

    I'd open the file in a text editor or hex editor program to try and see what the file actually is. Maybe it's not actually a video file for so reason. Or, maybe the file just doesn't have the right file extension (although, that should be a problem for VLC). Also, in VLC, under one of the menus, looks at the video/file information. It might say what type of video it is if it's actually a video.