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High memory use causing Opera to become unresponsive

  • not sure which version this started with, but only until recent have I been able to have more than 18 tabs open at a time
    for a relative while now, that's been reduced to 12 tabs which have been creeping into swap use

    not sure what's going on in the backend of the browser as of recent, I haven't changed anything with my extensions and have only reduced my maximum open tabs.

    I used to praise you guys for being the most optimized browser, what's going on??
    this is the 3rd time I've had to restart Opera for freezing
    never mind the fact it was in the middle of typing a forum post I now lost from it

    I'm gonna stop here before I break out into a rant
    I only have 2GB of RAM on this machine, and I can't open 18 tabs, let alone 12, (all important mind you) in any other browser

    hope this gets fixed soon, I don't have the memory to spare for yet another bloated browser.

  • looks like my particular issue may have had something to do with input threading
    I got something similar to happen again (RAM wasn't even full) with uploading attachments on a Xenforo forum.
    I've disabled all automated input handling, tried uploading again and nothing froze.

    I don't think this caused the initial freeze though as I was in the middle of typing when it happened, but this doesn't seem too far out of bounds from it overall
    looking back on it, it wasn't exactly frozen, I just couldn't click anything or do anything on this window.
    other windows worked fine

    still though, the excessive RAM use IS an issue that shouldn't be ignored
    I'd like to be able to open more than 18 tabs on 2GB again, which is absolutely possible with my current setup.

  • I have 16 tabs opened in Opera on my LinuxMint 19.2. I can see that 2 Gb of my RAM is used by system and applications. I think it is not the problem of Opera. Modern web pages are too heavy. That's why they use the large amount of RAM.

  • @pindos I'm aware of this issue, and can guarantee this is not the case
    I've been on the same pages (mainly forums) across multiple versions of Opera
    and I'm pretty sure that using an earlier version of Opera would reduce my RAM use

    heck the only things I'm on that closely apply to what you state are Daniweb and this forum.
    (BlenderArtists would be another one if that were open)
    everything else I'm on relies on older APIs like JQuery and really don't use too much RAM by themselves

    but yes, I'm aware of the issue with modern bloated APIs, and don't really use too many sites that use them.
    (frankly my machines can't even run these sites, 10 seconds to load a page is ridiculous)

    no the issue is whatever goes on within Opera, and extensions used (the very reason I moved away from chromium)
    I'll bet you any money, if I could downgrade to a version of Opera from 6 months ago, I'd use less RAM with even more tabs open.

  • @Tcll , you can find any previous version of Opera that you like here:

  • @pindos unfortunately, I don't want to downgrade
    Opera based on Chromium 76 will be out soon, which will prevent sites from detecting incognito mode, and I'd like to upgrade to that ASAP

    Unless what you're saying is not to downgrade for the long haul, but to test what I say is true, which THAT I could do.

    At the very least, you've proven I COULD downgrade, so thanks 🙂
    (I actually haven't made preparations cause I wasn't expecting it possible)