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media file linked in gmail crashes opera

  • Opera Version:64.0.3380.0
    Link to the file

    This file crashes opera as soon as browser tries to open it. There are other sites which also crash when they download media files (other files).

  • That file plays as it should on my opera (v62.0.3331.116, stable channel at the time of writing).

  • @jimunderscorep Yest it used to work in the older version, but after upgrade it crashes

  • Please tell me what opera channel you are on (beta or developer) and I will install it and test it there as well.
    You are probably not on stable 😛

    I think you are on opera developer. If so, you are 3 minor versions behind (64.0.3380.0 > 64.0.3394.0 > 64.0.3396.0 > 64.0.3401.0), so please update it to the latest one first and check again.

    I just checked it and the forementioned mp3 file plays fine on today's opera developer, v 64.0.3401.0.

  • Fixed. Had an old in the lib_extra

  • Let me guess.
    Was that libffmpeg downloaded and "installed" (= copied to the right place) seperately?
    That is what I mean when I talk about the bad side effects of a foreign library on a system.

    Expert's advice on the above
    From time to time, someone will post a "solution" to the libffmpeg problem. This will either be "install this ubuntu's chromium ffmpeg codecs package by hand to get the... precious html5 support" or "get that tar,gz from herecura's repo, untar it and move libffmpeg to the right place to make it work".
    Both are wrong because they refer to packages built for a different distro (ubuntu in the first case, arch in the second), and definitely built with a different set of libraries and compilers. Do not do that unless you want to break your system or browser.

  • @jimunderscorep Copied from locally built chromium quite a few months ago if I remember it right. It's gentoo.

  • Since you are on gentoo, can't you just build chromium with libffmpeg and then move it on a location that opera expects to find it, instead of replacing the one opera provides?
    Opera looks in these locations for that "better" libffmpeg

    $ cat /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/resources/ffmpeg_preload_config.json