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  • @thomasmca Ok, thank you. But, unfortunately, I can not check anything as the extension installer doesn't work and you didn't say anything about it and how to install it to Opera. I even provided a screenshot. (see my previous reply)

    Thank you.

  • @EgorUk Sorry about the confusion. One of my ToDo items is to add documentation to my blog. To install the file, open the Extensions page in Opera, then drag&drop the .crx file onto that page. The extension will then appear in the top of the list with an Install button.

  • @thomasmca Ok, I was able to install it using the method you told me but it shows not the version you said it should be:
    Opera Snapshot_2020-03-25_105255_extensions.png
    It shows Version 1.2.3 and you said and what I download is Version 2.1.0. Can you pls advise? Thank you.

  • @EgorUk Opera recognizes that the extension did not come from its "app store" so it generates a random version number (and sometimes a random author name). One way to recognize that you're using a newer version is to click on the Options button, and look at the bottom of the page. If you see 3 checkboxes for various Debug levels, then you have my newest version. Another ToDo item of mine is to add the version number to the top of that Options page.

  • @thomasmca Ok, was able to confirm and it is 2.1.0 now.

    So, what is the difference between Groups and folders?

    Thank you, Thomas.

  • @EgorUk Documentation for TT2 can be found here.

  • The latest update (Opera 68.0.3618.63, MacOS) broke the Tree Tabs at all. It's impossible to use the browser without the extension.
    Is it possible to fix?

  • Help solve the problem. I stopped painting groups. Opera

  • First off, thanks for this extension. I couldn't use a browser efficiently without it.
    However, for a month now it has stopped working properly. It mostly works, but at some point the Tree Tabs tabs in the sidebar get disconnected from the actual browser tabs, and the only way to get back to something workable seems to be to restart the browser. When it comes back up, the Tree Tabs tabs are all messed up as far as order goes, but at least they work again. Until the next time they get out of sync.
    Is there a solution for this?

  • Like many of you, I tend to operate with a huge number of open tabs...impossible to manage except in tree mode. I migrated from Firefox to Opera because TreeTabs worked more reliably, but gave up after 2 years full of crashes, lost data, & the author's failure to either maintain the plug-in or respond to user questions & needs.

    Kudos to the TreeTabs author for great design, but I vowed never again to rely on a free plug-in for such fundamentally essential functionality.

    I moved to Vivaldi nearly a year ago. It's quirky, & I choose to ignore some key features...but a variant of tree-style tabs is built-in & bulletproof. The whole venture is run by Opera veterans, & it shows. I'm satisfied overall, & suggest Vivaldi is worth a serious look.

  • How about making the tabs much shorter so they don't take up so much of the page. I can't use them in this form.