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  • @titepa I'm not sure I understand
    You talking about V7 Bookmarks search box?
    if so, it's resizable.... it doesn't prevent to narrow the sidebar
    but sidebar have minimum width in general, no matter which app is currently active in it
    example with V7 Bookmarks and Opera bookmarks

  • @vux777 Yes, my idea was not good !

    Will we have to wait for the return of the flag #sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar in the future versions of Opera ...

  • Удалил после последнего обновления, так как потребовало доступ к данным на всех сайтах, зачем??? Раньше без этого доступа все работало)) Удаляйте тоже, мой совет.

  • "This extension has access to your data on all sites."
    Why is this permission to access my data on all sites? After the last update, the extension required access to data on all sites, until the last update it was without this access. How do you explain this?)))

  • @klapsha1214 that's not a new thing
    it exists in V7 Bookmarks for years now (since I implemented this feature)
    basically, when user drags link onto bookmarks sidebar to create one, extension needs to fetch that page and extract page title from it. Otherwise, bookmark title would stay as URL, and that looks weird.
    Because of that, extension needs access to all websites, and that is presented to users in a message:
    "This extension has access to your data on all sites."

    Permission message looks weird, but technically is correct.

    and it's not your's any data.

  • @vux777: If so, it is likely that this right of access was not advertised by you before. And after the update on August 10, a new permission was displayed. (((Removed extension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • После обновления перестало работать. Пропали панели расширения. Поиск корзина и други функции. Opera 58.0.3135.132
    Неля даже отредактировать закладку. Показывает ТОЛЬКО список закладок и все

  • @andreypa
    try to install older version of extension...
    Opera 58 doesn't support new features and that's why is broken
    so either install latest version of Opera, or previous version of V7 Bookmarks
    here are the instructions

  • @klapsha1214
    I don't advertise any access, system is displaying them automatically based on extension features.
    Maybe you didn't use Opera for long time, or blocked updates with firewall .. I don't know why you get new permission message
    If you don't want to use it, fine by me.

  • @vux777: OK

  • Astonishingly annoying; (width of favourites sidebar). I thought this issue was dealt with previously, and I was happy, but an unwanted update got past me and now the thing occupies far more of my screen than I want or need.

    What's the answer?

  • @whiskybreath
    can you post a screenshot of your problem?... feel free to blur private data
    and pls post your Opera version and OS

    EDIT: and does it happening with pinned sidebar too?

  • @vux777 Many thanks for replying. Yes, that's with both pinned and unpinned.Screenshot attached; I would usually have a sidebar about half of the width of that one shown. This is far too much, and intrudes on the main screen to the extent that newspaper columns are squashed; together with the inevitable adverts, the actual content becomes about half of my screen area.

  • @whiskybreath I see
    By your screenshot, I think that's the minimum width of the sidebar.
    On my monitor (1920x1080 resolution) minimum sidebar width is 320px. (normal DPI)
    By your screenshot it looks like it's 400px, but you either enlarged the photo or changed some DPI settings in windows
    I could make a bug report/request to Opera to evaluate that decision about minimum width, but I think that's tightly related to other content in sidebar (like messengers)

  • @vux777 Yes, my monitor is 1920x1080, and all the settings (display and Oracle) are at 100%, (as usual). I don't know how to measure the width of the sidebar, but it's still too wide...!

    ....wait! I can see some of the issue; I use a separate monitor with my laptop, so side by side they look like this, with the laptop monitor on the right:
    It would be fine if I used the laptop monitor, but certainly not on the larger external one. I used to be able to narrow it down to a comfortable width, but no longer, apparently.

  • @whiskybreath
    just for the record, I (or better to say extension, any) can't affect sidebar width, that's strictly user action (dragging it to max- min width)
    That said, Your desktop monitor looks zoomed, that's why I thought you changed DPI in windows
    Your laptop monitor matches the size of Opera browser on my screen (and the min sidebar width)

  • Indeed, but I can see no purpose to having a 'minimum' width, especially when in cases such as mine, it is not nearly narrow enough - you'll note that the 'maximumum' is way over there:Clipboard03.jpg
    far closer to the right-hand side of the screen than the minimum to the left. It strikes me as illogical and arbitrary. And annoying...

    Thanks for your help.

  • PS - one day, and that day may never come...
    Opera will allow users to vary the width of the scroll bar; my eyesight and dexterity are not those of a 18-year old...

  • Не удаляет дубликаты. 2 часа тупого зависания и в корзине ни одной закладки.
    Не устанавливайте, если вам нужен этот функционал.

  • Не работает удаление дубликатов. Только рассказывает, что у меня их больше тысячи, но удаления не происходит. Запускала на ночь, утром ни одной закладки в корзине.
    Для меня бесполезная вещь оказалась.
    Что я делаю не так? Опера для МАК 10.10.5
    Не смогла удалить прошлый отзыв.(((