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  • Indeed, but I can see no purpose to having a 'minimum' width, especially when in cases such as mine, it is not nearly narrow enough - you'll note that the 'maximumum' is way over there:Clipboard03.jpg
    far closer to the right-hand side of the screen than the minimum to the left. It strikes me as illogical and arbitrary. And annoying...

    Thanks for your help.

  • PS - one day, and that day may never come...
    Opera will allow users to vary the width of the scroll bar; my eyesight and dexterity are not those of a 18-year old...

  • Не удаляет дубликаты. 2 часа тупого зависания и в корзине ни одной закладки.
    Не устанавливайте, если вам нужен этот функционал.

  • Не работает удаление дубликатов. Только рассказывает, что у меня их больше тысячи, но удаления не происходит. Запускала на ночь, утром ни одной закладки в корзине.
    Для меня бесполезная вещь оказалась.
    Что я делаю не так? Опера для МАК 10.10.5
    Не смогла удалить прошлый отзыв.(((

  • So, we are back to the old Internet Explorer? Because that's how "Favourites" looked like in that browser on Windows XP in 00's.

  • I've installed V7 Bookmarks and Sessions in Opera. In Settings page of V7 Bookmark there written: "Save session in 'V7 Sessions', if existing". What does it mean? There is no such option in V7 Bookmarks after selecting bookmarks and folders. Do the both apps work together in some ways?
    Debian Bullseye + Opera Developer.

  • Two points

    1. Create "Bookmark selected! and add "Export selected" (!!!)
    2. Unify context menus for the three extensions, please, V7 - Stash, Bookmarks and Sessions. I beg you for that, really.
  • I'm using V7 Bookmarks (Version 4.8.0) with opera (Version:73.0.3856.257) on a linux system (arch).
    Sidebar is configured as permanently visible.
    Opera is loosing the V7 bookmark content all the time after some minutes and shows a blank sidebar. Till now, I couldn't figure out a systematic on that behaviour. After using reload botton, I see them again and its ok for a while.

  • Extension is clumsy and adds nothing of significance to the management of bookmarks over the included bookmark library.
    The session controls, while basic, are a missing necessity from Opera and are a welcome inclusion, but does not go anywhere near far enough to be a bookmark manager rather than just a variable theme.

  • @whiskey: Extension was made more than 6 years ago, when Opera didn't have bookmarks in sidebar, and overall Opera design was much different. This now is unified extensions sidebar and webUI sidebar that was added and modified over the years.