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  • @kechristen Yes! That takes care of the problem.

  • Dark theme does not work.

  • Phenomenal addon! I use it with "Disable for sidebar extensions" too btw... One concern I have with it is, since opera uses workspaces to sort tabs, the order of the tabs in V7 is messed up. It would be so nice, if Version 2.3 could show only tabs from the selected workspace... thank you, best regards!

  • @n471v3 hi
    I've waited for confirmation from Opera devs....
    No, it's not possible for extensions to do anything about workspaces
    there is no API or something, so that extensions can know which tab belongs to which workspace

  • The Opera extension V7 Tabs used to display at the top the total number of available tabs. However, since recently downloading the newest Opera browser and extension V7 Tabs to a new laptop the total number of tabs are no longer displayed at the top. However, I have also started utilising 5 Workspaces. Please confirm how to display the total number of tabs at the top again. Thanks

  • @geoffreya1
    I think you looking for this option on settings page

    alt text

    about workspaces:
    extension can't differentiate tabs based on workspaces
    tabs from all workspaces are under one window

    reload extension by clicking the button on top of the sidebar (next to 3 vertical dots)
    otherwise options from settings page might not apply

  • Caution! If you are using this extension now, refrain from auto-updating to Opera 70.0.X, as in this new version the opera://flags/#sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar switch seems to have disppeared. So the V7 extensions can no longer be detached from the sidebar.

  • How can I move tabs between windows? Selecting multiple tabs and dragging doesn't work..

  • You CTRL-select the tabs you want to move, then right click on them and then in the context menu that appears you choose 'Move selected tabs to new window'. This works for me, anyway.

  • @nksoft
    addition to what @kechristen said...

    • there is a button on toolbar. It's actually a toggle between show all windows in the list or show only current window
    • Ctrl+click will select tabs and then drag and drop them on different window
    • in settings, show window selector will show separators between windows with number of tabs in it

    video example

  • @kechristen said in V7 Tabs:

    You CTRL-select the tabs you want to move, then right click on them and then in the context menu that appears you choose 'Move selected tabs to new window'. This works for me, anyway.

    Thanks, I've already found that out.. So, it all works only in sidebar? Actually it's not super convenient because it's not really easy to drag outside the edges and after you moved some tabs all windows that were collapsed are expanded again.. And if you want to drag more - you must collapse them again. And also it would be great if it (selecting and moving) worked in tabs bar. Is it even possible in Opera? Also, selection should work like in windows so if you hold Shift and click on some element, you should select all elements starting from current element. Because of that I've missed 100 times already and will miss million times again.. P.S. despite these conveniences this extension is great, helps very essentially for me as I open pretty many windows and tabs..

  • Hi, in v7 tabs, is it possible to have a divider between the various windows? In other words instead of having one very long list of tabs open across all my opera sessions, I would like a divider to separate them. I have tried to right click and select 'this plus children' which does have dividers, but then you end up switching between multiple opera screens, which is not ideal. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  • For like a 3 months pinned V7 tabs bar are not hiding anymore in fullscreen mode. So when I turn on youtube it's 3/4 screen instead of fullscreen, very annoying to pin/unpin it manually every time. How to fix this behaviour?

  • @vux777: Is there a solution to the inability to detach the V7 extensions from the sidebar starting with Opera 70.0.x as the opera://flags/#sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar switch that had made it possible has now disappeared?

  • Please make it so it only shows the tabs from the active workspace

  • Happy new Year and thanks for the awesome addons.
    It would be nice to have sorting tabs by workspace. Hope that Opera will release API for this.

  • Please, make it focus on active tab after every show/switch on. When I have f.e. 150 tabs I need to scroll every time after change for any other panel, f.e. whats up.

  • What is tab Manager is this: it can control the tabs in the active window only! I have 5 Windows actually...

  • @dra9o: In fact, when you press a separate button, the Windows are displayed as colored lines in the list of tabs. Not convenient, but it works.

  • @vux777: The issue with Tabs and workspaces... I think this has been added to the API. Each tab should be reporting the workspaceID (or workspace_id). I would be wrong about this, but from reading the changelogs it appears it was intended to be added, at least.