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  • Opera is ruined.

    I used to love Opera, but nowadays it just forces more and more useless features on you without respecting your privacy.

    This bs extension installed itself on my browser today. An icon pops up from no where, with no consent from me. And worst of all, it doesn't show up in my extension list so cannot be uninstalled, and I'm not even sure if it is fully installed as it never pops up anything. Just an icon, hanging there and cannot be removed.

  • Useless extension! Don't waste your valuable time in downloading this!

  • @saswata450 There is no need to download it, it installs itself without asking for permission.

  • Same as the other people - I have two user profiles on Opera, one of them for work. Useless Amazon toolbar installed itself onto my work profile somehow (pretty certain I never asked it to), can't remove it, can't find any trace of it in my C:\ drive, doesn't show up in Extensions list, doesn't show up in Add or Remove Programs. Awesome job Opera. I really do thank you for your hard work and efforts.

  • @isabella11 said:

    I am using this extension and works great from my side. I don't know why people say it's not working but I've downloaded this from opera and using it since a month. No problem at all as I am amazon assistant it really helps me. I've also download WhatsApp from it also works fine. You can also download it from here:
    Thanks it is working pretty fine

  • @arklos Same thing happened to me. The Amazon button appeared on my toolbar but it wasn't in my list of extensions. I never installed it personally. I unpinned it but don't like the idea of items being added without my consent.

  • @youkita it's sorta dumb. I actually had difficulty getting it completely off (the toolbar), and had to resort to installing it and then uninstalling it. Then it finally went away.

  • Hate it, don't want it, didn't install it. I might just stop using Opera if I can't get rid of it.

  • This is spyware.

  • The way to get rid of the pre-installed version which has no remove option is to install this proper extension, then remove it. Should get rid of both. I love Opera and I love amazon, but I dont want them connected.

  • This shit sucks. It auto-installs and can't be removed. On top of that whenever it appears. It goes right on top of my most important extension button and then I can't use the other extension because the Amazon extension is blocking being able to click on it. Apparently, I need to just move my other extensions around so the Amazon blocks one I don't need to click on. This is garbage

  • @youkita Did you try installing and then uninstalling? (that's what worked for me)

  • It didn't disapear even when installing this addon and then uninstalling it again.
    All that happened for me was that I then had 2 amazon assistants for a while.
    so went into
    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera GX\76.0.4017.208\resources
    Deleted the promo thingy and then the bloatware was gone for me

    (Granted I still have this addon installed with the only permission to change the page
    and it is disabled)

  • Got installed automatically without even request for my permission. That's really disappointing, Opera Team. There should be other ways to monetise such popular browser.

  • Hello

  • Auto-installing this by default makes me want to leave this browser forever. This is reminiscent of old skool IE days and practices.

  • The only reason I installed Opera is because of it's performance over Google Chrome way back then. There's plenty of good browsers that does the job nowadays. Sh*t like this make me want to look elsewhere

  • Piece of absolute shit. Didn't want it. Jeff Bezos can suck my ass.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @nweinfeld the problem is:
    I don't want it
    I didn't install it
    I didn't ask for it be installed
    I didn't miss unchecking a box that would have prevented it from being installed
    Instead, Opera installed it without my permission via an automatic update.
    There is no option to uninstall it, not in extensions nor in add/remove programs
    Now, I have to find the program on the internet, download and install it then uninstall it.
    I should not have to do that.