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  • Would it be possible to add sync support or the ability to have saved sessions on multiple devices? The current method of importing/exporting sessions does not really support this as it overwrites the currently saved sessions. Maybe having them merge when importing sessions rather than overwriting would be easier?

  • @vux777:
    I have the same problem - no effect when I right click.

    In addition I recognised:
    That I don't have the icon in the icon list on top (right of address/search line). This is true also for V7 tab, V7 bookmarks and V7 notes, but not for V7 stash.
    Nevertheless I have all 5 in the side list.

    (Geman language)
    Betriebssystem:Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

  • Really like this extension. Works great for normal windows but isn't saving private windows 😞 Note to Dev: could you please fix this? Thank you. If fixed will donate, cheers.

  • @NeotekGuru
    You need to enable it in Opera
    go to internal Opera extensions page chrome:/extensions and under V7 Sessions click Allow in incognito

    alt text

  • @vux777: I tried this but even in incognito it saves the normal session, not the incognito session

  • Hello, I really love this extension as it keeps everything organized. I also have a problem if anyone knows the solution: recently my previous PC stopped working and I didn't have any exported file with the sessions. Now that I have access to my old Hard Disk, through another PC, I want to find a way to get all my sessions back. Thanks in advance!

  • @patoskistis said in V7 Sessions:

    a way to get all my sessions back

    Copy files from %AppData%\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Local Extension Settings\khmbgihnlknbjgjhmekjeoidpfimabpp\ dir of the old hard disk to the same location on the new. (the extension should be already installed and the browser should be closed during copying).

    To get also a current session from the old hard drive copy also %AppData%\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\current session.

    After that run Opera.

  • @vux777: Same here. I already did that but it doesn't work and I can't find any extensions that do. Do you know of an Opera extension that will save private sessions?

  • For those wanting to save their sessions including private sessions install "Install Chrome Extensions" addon then install "Session Buddy" from teh Chrome Web Store here:

  • @vux777 said:

    no sry
    no way of distinguishing workspaces

    I think this will be a very fantastic feature when you're able to figure a way out. I use workspace a lot and I sometimes have to switch to Windows for one reason or the other so saving everything will be very helpful.
    Also, does it work if I save session in the current workspace, switch to another and save? Maybe I can distinguish them that way since we can't save all at once..???

  • @vux777 I'm still having the problem that other people were discussing back in April and May: clicking on "Save Current Window" does nothing.

    Windows 10 Home version 10.0.19041
    Opera version 72.0.3815.186
    V7 Sessions version 3.3.3

  • Just added "V7 Sessions" and confused about how it should work.

    1. When it was installed, there was a pop-up saying "use this icon" pointing to the icon next to the URL-bar, but after having confirmed the pop-up, the icon disappeared and never came back. Only the icon in the Sidebar remains

    2. when I left-click the Sidebar-Icon, all windows are added to the session, can't find a way to save only the current window (by right-clicking). I'm using a trackball, so left/right might be inverted in my description. If handling only the current window is not possible, the extension is of no use to me.

    Please inform/advice me !


  • Everything's OK, but you need to add "Save current Workspace" and/or "Select Workspace(s)" to save. Opera is real marvel among "gray mass" of web browsers. Saving selected tabs is pointless, but saving selected or current Workspace(s) is a MUST. I'm humbly ask you to implement the option(s). Thanks you.

  • @darwin4ever The simplest way to save a session is to click the V7 Sessions icon in the URL bar, then click "Save session." (The "Save current window" button has not worked for me since July 2019.) If the icon is missing, click on the cube-shaped "Extensions" icon and make sure the V7 Sessions icon is pinned to the toolbar. Alternative, click the sidebar icon then click the "Save session" icon on the top left--it looks the same as the V7 Sessions icon.

    To restore a session, use the sidebar icon.

  • does not work. text are missing from the buttons

  • Does not work.
    There are no buttons, and the JSON has just the following code:

            "expDataType": "V7 Sessions2"
  • Awesome extension. I wish it could sync with Opera on another PC

  • Gave this extension a try, and I love the features, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to cooperate well with Workspaces. Clicking a tab in the list that's in a different workspace causes it to glitch out a bit. Would also be nice if it had an option to automatically move tabs to a certain group based on what workspace they're in.

  • Is it possible to save the position and size of the browser window into a session?

  • V7 Sessions disappeared from side panel. Tried to reinstall - did not help. It is not visible in V7 Extension Manager but it is in Opera Extension and when I turn off V7 Session there and turn on again it appeared in Side Panel but for this page only. When I close page, there is nothing on other pages. What to do? Where dig?