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Some suggenstions, idea, bugs regarding bookmarks

  • Sry, for my bad english. I have some suggestions, ideas or found bugs regarding "bookmarks bar" and the "bookmarks"-manager

    • "bookmarks manager": If you use the bookmarks search function inside the "bookmark manger" it would be nice if there would be a feature which opens the folder in the "bookmarks manager" which contains the found bookmarks. (Maybe per right click on the bookmark). Reason why i ask for this feature: If i have many bookmarks it can be hard to find the right folder.

    • "bookmarks manager": If i try to move a bookmark or a folder inside the "bookmarks manager" and press the "Escape" Button it should not move the bookmark. But it does.

    • "bookmarks bar": Right click on a bookmark in the "bookmarks bar". Click on "bookmarks" does not jump to the selected bookmark. It just opens the "bookmark manager" overview.

    • "bookmarks bar": The folder area which reacts on mouse movement when you move a bookmark over the folder is much smaller than the highlighted area around the folder.

    • "bookmarks manager": The "jumping" folders are very annoying. Why do not move them the same way like in the "bookmarks bar" with a horizontal line instead of jumping around?

    • "bookmarks manager": If i select some bookmarks on the right side and select "copy" it would be nice if i could paste them inside the folders on the left side. There is no paste button on the folders.

    • "bookmarks manager": If i select some bookmarks on the right side and try to move them with the mouse inside a folder outside of the visible area on the left side (folder overview). The area which scrolls up or down automatically is very small. Its hard to hit it.

    • "bookmarks manager": It is not possible to move more than one selected folders from "bookmarks manager" to the "bookmarks bar". But it does work with more than one normal bookmarks.

    • "bookmarks manager": If i move a bookmark with the mouse from "bookmark manager" to "bookmark bar" over some folders they get highlighted. That highlight does not alwasy disapear till i move with mouse over them again.

    • "bookmarks bar": does not always show the horizontal line when you try to move a bookmark with the mouse inside a folder.