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What are you doing on the Net right about now? :)

  • Resized some photo...
    Behold: Last winter's sky in my place (sorry, such types of links don't show as images here).
    Edit-> It seems that's a page, not a mere image, so... There's also a 'direct link' there on that page, but I won't post the image - 'cause I prefer them utmost heavy.

  • Uploading a 176MB folder to my cloud storage.
    It's nice that it's possible and (seems) working, though feels quite slow... 4% now...

  • Oops!
    I can't see my submission!
    Do something, guys!:/

  • 22%...

  • 63% now...

  • Oops! I can't see my submission!
    Now I could.
    But the "options" and "quote" buttons are definitely gone...

  • Having uploaded the folder, I found there is a file "Desktop.ini" there.
    Now using the Explorer, I've found 12 such files within my "My Documents" directory.
    Is it malware? Or sort of Windows's technical paraphernalia?

  • Downloading a 1.3GB videofile.
    While I've tested my current speed (), the file download one doesn't exactly match/suffice... About 360kB/s, remaining time is shown at about 52 minutes... Gross, huh?

  • The file download speed has dropped enormously - 30kB/s..:doh:

  • Having "fun" with my Firefox 3.6.6.
    Running a station on the UK Radioplayer. And copulating with these peculiar forums...

  • Using UKradioplayer in Chrome, came across some Radio Aire.
    Nice music!:)

  • Added "Northsound 1" to my "My stations" list in the UKradioplayer on Chrome.
    Who knows if it's possible to "copypaste" cookies for a site from one browser to another?

  • Listening to "Bolton FM" via the Player in Chrome...

  • What am I doing right now?

    I'm trying to figure out how to stop google from hijacking my search engines, I use startpage and/or duckduckgo for my Default/Speed Dial search engine (using opera 12.17/1863; I'm working on eliminating google spy on the most part) I have google updates turned off and have and continue to delete google in the Search Preference settings, but google keeps coming back and hijacks the Default and Speed Dial engines (google seem to do it's nasty hijack with a Opera reboot)

    Any of my fellow Opera users have any suggestion how to stop this?

  • Start a topic in "Opera for Windows" - if you're on Windows.
    I'm on my 11.63 right now, readying to watch a movie.

  • Thank joshl,

    enjoy the movie

  • Gonna watch River of No Return now...:left:

    Listening to The Arrow in the meantime...
    This stream's drawback is that they don't send any metadata along - such as what song etc.

  • Updated my Java.
    It opened my Opera (the Chrome was open, plus a player), then, when I tried to go to the first left, spare tab, it hung.
    In case that's more than an occasional quirk, I'm considering maybe to try some other installation.

  • Listening to a Scottish station with my newly upgraded Foobar2000.

    Guys, I have a word for you.
    See, when some of you tend to complain, sometimes even whine that the browser's not good enough, you're right. However, for one, I've used lots of software, including browser Opera, while I can't ever remember giving anybody any money for that.
    Not that I could argue against complaining, feedback. I only want us to remember. I, personally, would even like to thank the people who gave me Foobar. For free. To enjoy.
    Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome... They have never sent me a bill for their product.:)

  • ...then, when I tried to go to the first left, spare tab, it hung.
    In case that's more than an occasional quirk, I'm considering maybe to try some other installation.

    It occurred to be an OS memory lack.
    Today I eventually learned that the software may consume up to 5GB for their current operations. On hard. When Windows said it couldn't pee due to a ZERO space for its virtual memory, I resorted to that learning and then undug some GigaPiles in places...

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