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What are you doing on the Net right about now? :)

  • Rainspa, Chrome. I'll check about with my Opera later (in case). No change for me - no see...

  • Rain, I can see and watch your video in Opera.
    Strange thing about Chrome, though...:left:

    Just watched Countryman, however in bad quality (picture).
    The final titles are genial! What? Haven't heard? Me hadn't either, before.
    A Jamaican adventure movie:rasta:

  • Discovered a (uk)radioplayer.
    Happened to it via BBC Cambridge's "listen online" link. It seems that it doesn't have a core url - or sorts... Does it? Couldn't find any home link yet.

    Original 106 FM's now been playing - since yesterday late night.
    Quite stable a thing! Another - indigenous - player seems to have hung my Opera the night before.

  • Original 106 FM's now been playing...

    It's Wirral Radio now.

    Another - indigenous - player seems to have hung my Opera the night before.

    I guess it could be a combination of such a player and a connection fall.
    My new connection has a bad habit to get lost once a day. IDK.

  • Josh

    BBC Cambridge is accessed via BBC Radio iplayer which isn't available outside UK, no link as far as I know, I think that's the case with all local radio. Radio Cambridge hosts Naked Scientists which I mentioned earlier as it happens. Radioplayer is partially funded by BBC and commercial radio I believe.

    Wonder why Chrome doesn't show the video

  • Listening to (to say - "listening" - right) URB via UKradioplayer (a usual tab, Opera); having two active(!) tabs in the side panel (a clock and a thermometer).
    Actively? More or less - having sex with operaforums;)
    No satisfaction!

    You have posted 2 times within 120 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account. You must wait at least 600 seconds before attempting to post again.

  • Here there's "only OP" too...
    (Not listening to URB already...)

  • Listening to episode 2, of 2, of James Fenimore Cooper's The Spy, dramatised. Will Henry Wharton be hanged, can General Washington be found in time to issue a pardon? BBC R 4 Extra.

  • Resized some photo...
    Behold: Last winter's sky in my place (sorry, such types of links don't show as images here).
    Edit-> It seems that's a page, not a mere image, so... There's also a 'direct link' there on that page, but I won't post the image - 'cause I prefer them utmost heavy.

  • Uploading a 176MB folder to my cloud storage.
    It's nice that it's possible and (seems) working, though feels quite slow... 4% now...

  • Oops!
    I can't see my submission!
    Do something, guys!:/

  • 22%...

  • 63% now...

  • Oops! I can't see my submission!
    Now I could.
    But the "options" and "quote" buttons are definitely gone...

  • Having uploaded the folder, I found there is a file "Desktop.ini" there.
    Now using the Explorer, I've found 12 such files within my "My Documents" directory.
    Is it malware? Or sort of Windows's technical paraphernalia?

  • Downloading a 1.3GB videofile.
    While I've tested my current speed (), the file download one doesn't exactly match/suffice... About 360kB/s, remaining time is shown at about 52 minutes... Gross, huh?

  • The file download speed has dropped enormously - 30kB/s..:doh:

  • Having "fun" with my Firefox 3.6.6.
    Running a station on the UK Radioplayer. And copulating with these peculiar forums...

  • Using UKradioplayer in Chrome, came across some Radio Aire.
    Nice music!:)

  • Added "Northsound 1" to my "My stations" list in the UKradioplayer on Chrome.
    Who knows if it's possible to "copypaste" cookies for a site from one browser to another?

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