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What are you doing on the Net right about now? :)

    1. You can address me just like this: "Josh, ...".

    2. Had you tried using the quotation tool here? In any case you can copypaste stuff putting it after "> " in the beginning of a new line.

    3. What browser are you with? Maybe there are differences? 🇭🇲

    1. OK 'Josh'

    2. I tend to forget the quotation thingy on this forum ever since it changed from My Opera, I'm sure I'll adapt...eventually.

    3. Opera 12.17, but it's the same with Firefox in my case. Could it be a regional thing that stops it showing?

  • Rainspa, Chrome. I'll check about with my Opera later (in case). No change for me - no see...

  • Rain, I can see and watch your video in Opera.
    Strange thing about Chrome, though...:left:

    Just watched Countryman, however in bad quality (picture).
    The final titles are genial! What? Haven't heard? Me hadn't either, before.
    A Jamaican adventure movie:rasta:

  • Discovered a (uk)radioplayer.
    Happened to it via BBC Cambridge's "listen online" link. It seems that it doesn't have a core url - or sorts... Does it? Couldn't find any home link yet.

    Original 106 FM's now been playing - since yesterday late night.
    Quite stable a thing! Another - indigenous - player seems to have hung my Opera the night before.

  • Original 106 FM's now been playing...

    It's Wirral Radio now.

    Another - indigenous - player seems to have hung my Opera the night before.

    I guess it could be a combination of such a player and a connection fall.
    My new connection has a bad habit to get lost once a day. IDK.

  • Josh

    BBC Cambridge is accessed via BBC Radio iplayer which isn't available outside UK, no link as far as I know, I think that's the case with all local radio. Radio Cambridge hosts Naked Scientists which I mentioned earlier as it happens. Radioplayer is partially funded by BBC and commercial radio I believe.

    Wonder why Chrome doesn't show the video

  • Listening to (to say - "listening" - right) URB via UKradioplayer (a usual tab, Opera); having two active(!) tabs in the side panel (a clock and a thermometer).
    Actively? More or less - having sex with operaforums;)
    No satisfaction!

    You have posted 2 times within 120 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account. You must wait at least 600 seconds before attempting to post again.

  • Here there's "only OP" too...
    (Not listening to URB already...)

  • Listening to episode 2, of 2, of James Fenimore Cooper's The Spy, dramatised. Will Henry Wharton be hanged, can General Washington be found in time to issue a pardon? BBC R 4 Extra.

  • Resized some photo...
    Behold: Last winter's sky in my place (sorry, such types of links don't show as images here).
    Edit-> It seems that's a page, not a mere image, so... There's also a 'direct link' there on that page, but I won't post the image - 'cause I prefer them utmost heavy.

  • Uploading a 176MB folder to my cloud storage.
    It's nice that it's possible and (seems) working, though feels quite slow... 4% now...

  • Oops!
    I can't see my submission!
    Do something, guys!:/

  • 22%...

  • 63% now...

  • Oops! I can't see my submission!
    Now I could.
    But the "options" and "quote" buttons are definitely gone...

  • Having uploaded the folder, I found there is a file "Desktop.ini" there.
    Now using the Explorer, I've found 12 such files within my "My Documents" directory.
    Is it malware? Or sort of Windows's technical paraphernalia?

  • Downloading a 1.3GB videofile.
    While I've tested my current speed (), the file download one doesn't exactly match/suffice... About 360kB/s, remaining time is shown at about 52 minutes... Gross, huh?

  • The file download speed has dropped enormously - 30kB/s..:doh:

  • Having "fun" with my Firefox 3.6.6.
    Running a station on the UK Radioplayer. And copulating with these peculiar forums...

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