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Opera Mini reset bookmarks on sync

  • How can one upload already existed bookmarks from Opera Mini to Link servers? I made some bookmarks. Then I went to 'Settings' and set-up Link account. Now it tells me 'You are switching Opera accounts. Another Opera user has synchronised his data with this device. If you continue, all existing bookmarks ... will be erased from this device'. Can Opera Link merge bookmarks from Opera Mini and Link servers, or only downloads from server, but not uploads?

  • It's a standard warning on sync interface, it ain't smart one but the river can flow both ways in the end.

  • Nope, it's not, i just checked — all new bookmarks have been wiped out. It's a mystery why sometimes when I check-uncheck Opera Link button (with same account), it says "Another Opera Link user has synchronised his data with this device" and don't want to upload local bookmarks. Can anybody explain why Opera Mini sometimes does so?

  • Haa! You have two accounts? Well, are not wiped out but you can't have 2 accounts with the same Opera Mini folder. You may have 2 accounts with the same normal bookmarks but you still loose the fool's bet.

  • You can upload bookmarks unrelated with previous account, btw. Opera make the rules, we follow them. The warning can appear in two instances:

    • you have multiple accounts;

    • you change a letter via caps on/off in username field in case that we talk about the same account but eventually that doesn't alter the sync process. Note: if you change a letter that can change some speeddials if you sync Opera Mini via various mobile platforms.

    The warning is standard, no real detection is active for Opera Link interface so that's why it ain't 'smart'.

  • I'm having similar issues!!!
    1-I have a Opera Link account
    2-Im using an iPhone 3GS
    3-When I go into settings in my iPhone turn Opera Link on, Im prompted to sign in or sign up
    4-I tried signing in with my Apple ID, and I got the same warning!!!!
    5-I also tried signing in under my Opera account, same warning!!
    6-When I succeeded signing in using my Apple ID, all my bookmarks on my device disappeared, ........years worth!!!
    7. HOWEVER WHEN I TURNED THE OPERA LINK OFF, mysteriously all my bookmarks reappeared!!!! ....very strange
    8. Note: using another iPhone I did install Opera on that device!!!
    10. I've never seen any of my iPhone bookmarks on Opera Link's server
    11. It is not possible to login using my Apple ID on Opera Link!!
    12. When I sign in using my Opera account, my bookmark that I synced using the Opera 12x browser are there, there no folders from my iPhone!
    13. Im totally confused as to where my iPhone bookmarks reside???????????
    14. Since Opera has not been able to help, I have no other choice to try to retrieve my bookmarks using a iPhone file explorer!!
    15. Opera is not giving us support AND denying our rights to our data!!
    16. Should I hire a $150 an hour computer geek????
    Danny Tamburrino
    San Francisco California
    415.265.1075 cell w/p

  • Should I stop in Norway on my way to Italy???
    ...and go knocking on their door demanding answers?????

  • One should be able to EXPORT your bookmarks and data!!!!!!

  • If you feel that Opera Link messagge is displayed in error than fill up a bug report. In any case you can login and see how it goes before doing that.

  • So, in the end I had to copy unsync bookmarks manually.

  • danny711. As you are using 3GS this indicate that are not having iOS 7.x + which is required to install our new builds. We are not updating old clients, only server side issue will be resolved (server maintain support). As it comes to your link problems: it seams that this is common issue for previous Opera Mini (we were having some info on, but this portal was dropped). First of all, the only way to log in to link account was using Opera account, apple id can work only in scenario that you are using same email and password for it. Second is that Opera Mini is creating folder "Opera Mini" on main account (look for it) and store all the bookmarks and folders from mini client only in that folder, user can see and edit it using old Opera 12 for desktop, also it is possible to view them through . On Opera Mini client on phone you won't see any bookmark from desktop, as they are not in Opera Mini folder ! there is a way to over come it by coping those bookmarks to opera mini folder using old Opera 12.x (should synchronize it).

  • I cannot sync my bookmarks on operamini anymore. It hasn't worked for a couple of months. I cannot access/see the newer bookmarks saved on my phone/operamini account from my opera link account or computer. Please advise.

  • I can confirm that. Installed Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone when it was released about two months or so. Still not running perfectly of course, but unfortunately Sync isn't working at all. After starting the app the sync-symbol is shortly displayed at the upper right corner, but nothing happens. This really needs to be fixed!

  • where can i link my bookmarks in the new opera mini 8.0 for android ! thanks