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Issue with font rendering in Opera GX

  • Hi!

    I'd like to report an issue I have with the font rendering system in Opera GX. It is current as of the most recent update 5hours ago.

    Presented are a few differeng images of the aliasing on various websites. Note how it matches the source font color which makes it look blurry, especially on smaller font sizes. aliasing example These are a few examples across multiple sites like Tweetdeck, Pixiv and Reddit. You can see the aliasing is sharp and uses primairly the same color as the font instead of a smooth transition into the background color. This is an issue with ClearType/DirectWrite.

    This poor and blurry aliasing persists throughout all configurations of settings I can think of trying, including:

    • #lcd-text-aa flag on+off
    • #enable-gpu-rasterization on+off
    • #enable-oop-rasterization on+off
    • #disable-accelerated-2d-canvas on+off
    • Hardware Acceleration on+off

    In Opera Beta 62, this is (slightly) alleviated: here are identical screenshots between Opera GX (top) and Opera 62 (lower). aliasing example

    Another example, Opera 62 (Top) and Opera GX (Below)
    aliasing example

    The top is more pleasant on the eye when zoomed out, and keeps fonts from looking blurry, especially on close-together characters in smaller font sizes like "ll".

    Also in the screenshots this change isn't present in every text instance in Opera 62 - It's present in the Home or Notifications header text, but the tweet contents below in the column is still the same font-colored aliasing in both GX and Beta62.

    I'm hoping this is a known issue that's already being worked on based on the changes I see from Opera GX to Opera 62 Beta, and if not I hope this post helps.