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Ctrl + 0 (zero)/Ctrl + 9 to send to the last tab

  • In almost every modern browser, there is a keyboard function (usually Ctrl + 9) that opens the final tab you have open in your window. In other browsers this is the keyboard shortcut I use the most when I'm changing tabs, because I don't have to count how many tabs I have open to guarantee I am sent to the final tab. Additionally, I frequently have more than 9 tabs open, and it is frustrating to have no way to access it without manually selecting the final tab. When I am doing any sort of work that involves opening several new tabs at once or opening new tabs in a row, it becomes necessary to be able to access that final tab. This functionality should be possible, since it is already possible to access the first 9 tabs. It isn't even necessary to turn it on by default - just having the option to choose to turn it on would be extremely useful!


  • It would make sense to have Cmd/Ctrl-0 to open the last tab, but not 9. If there were more than 9 tabs, #9 would be out of luck.

  • Seconded.

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